Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Trip Through My Mailbox, Part II...

In this post, I will respond to Nyomi, Jesse, Luis and Terrence who are under the mistaken impression that I'm a homophobe and hater who wants gay people marched to the ovens. They objected to the "obviously biased against homosexuals" nature of my posts, when they weren't complaining about "gay slurs" and "harmful and hurtful negative stereotypes" about Gays.

No, I'm not a homophobe. I neither fear nor hate gay people. Had any of you searched the blog a bit further, you would have seen this -- and a whole lot more - where I have defended gays against all sorts of stupidity. You should also probably take a course on how to recognize sacrasm and satire when you see it. I've known a large number of gay people (you can't swing a dead cat on Wall Street and not hit half a dozen of them), and find that the great majority are no different than I, except for what they like to do with their privates.

I never hated them or wanted to see them harmed because they were gay, and if I did dislike someone, it was because they were an asshole. Oh, sorry...shouldn't use "gay" and "asshole" in the same sentence, should I?

If I have an "issue" with homosexuals, it would be this;

I don't care if anyone is gay (I have my own problems, thank you very much). I don't lay awake at night worried about a GayTide that threatens to destroy America and civil society. What I object to is constantly being told -- by gays, the media, Hollywood, politicians and professors -- that I should care -- nay, ordered to care -- and more so, that I should check my own feelings and opinions on the subjects swirling about homosexuality and adopt every "mainstream" gay view of everything, without examination or critical thought. Because otherwise I'm an intolerant homphobe, and probably harboring latent homosexual feelings myself which accounts for my "hostility" (it's amazing how many of my gay detractors trot out the pap psychology for me, but never look at their own mental defects as critically or as honestly). I simply dislike people for whom their sexual "identity" becomes the center of everything in their lives and the only subject of conversation, in the same way that I dislike rabid religious people who can't go three seconds without quoting The Book of Romans.

You can do whatever you want in life; that's your business, and I don't need to know about it. Why you feel it necessary to make it my business bewilders me. And as for for the Gay-Rights-is- the-New-Civil-Rights motif that was present in all of those e-mails I have received on the subject, that is pure bullshit; no one is denying your basic humanity, or suggesting that you should be treated as second-class citizens -- if not property -- it's just that society as a whole has some traditions and values that no amount of shouting in the streets or radical judges' decisions will ever change. Get used to it, and stop whining. I don't get everything I want, most people don't, and neither should you. If you ever wanted to see just how good you have it, I suggest that you take a trip to Tehran to see how they treat their homosexuals over there.

What most of you want isn't equal rights; it's extra-constitutional rights. You want to become a government-protected species, like bald eagles and welfare mothers. There are, unfortunately, some places where society as a whole demands that some lines be drawn, and this happens to be one of those places. I can sympathize with your frustrations and can see how you might feel put upon, but that's life; it's often unfair.

You'll live.

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