Friday, February 11, 2011

Multiculturalism is Dead...

Passe. Out of fashion. Old-fashioned. Antiquated, Belated, Outmoded, Dated, Obsolete, a Relic. So YESTERDAY. It came, and like a hoarde of locusts, left nothing but a chaotic desolation in it's wake, and it's inherent weaknesses were exposed in such a way that even the densest amongst us stood up and took notice.

And by that, I mean the Europeans.

It began innocently enough; Angela Merkel noticed it first, and declared that German multiculturalism was dead, that it had failed, and that this whole nonsense about being sensitive to other people's bullshit feelings -- particularly when those people arrived on our civilized shores from places where the Elders still dance around bonfires, shaking snakes, a pork-bone stuck through their nose -- was nothing less than an outright scam designed to suck revenue and extra-constitutional rights from the host country.

She was right, of course. Although, I do have to say this; when the Germans begin to rally for monoculturalism, one must begin to wonder just what comes after the pronouncement. The German history of "defending German Culture" usually involves at least an invasion or two, a continental War that fairly explodes outwards, and possibly a string of concentration camps.

Merkel's view was later echoed by David Cameron, Prime Minister of Britain, who basically came out and said (paraphrased) "I don't particularly care if you're a Nomad, Beggar or Bandit who kneels to a black rock in the desert, beats his wives, buggers his livestock, and smells like a World-War-Two sweatsock left to marinate in a vat of onions, vomit and rancid cheese, this is Britain, and we're better than you are -- so get with the program". This was delivered with just a hint of "if you don't like it, then kindly leave". I loved it.

And then it happened. I am left to wonder whether it was just a matter of time, or whether it was the impulsive French desire to jump up and down shouting "ME TOO!", but then Nikolas Sarkozy, The Parisian Munchkin, had the audacity to do something that French leaders haven't been particularly known for: he tells the truth about multiculturalism, bluntly and succinctly.

One wonders just when it is that the morons who run this country will finally wake up and come to the same conclusions their European counterparts have?

Perhaps, one day, that collection of buffoons we call "Mr. Mayor", "Governor", "Congressman", "Senator", and "Mr. President", will finally become aware of what is so glaringly obvious and begin the work of defusing the ticking time bombs in our society, that have, in large part, been built with government funding by a political class that on the one hand (cynically) wishes to be seen as "inclusive", while with the other it set up a system which can be milked for votes, funds, good press, and public support.

Yeah, I'm not holding my breath, either.

Imagine what might happen if this addiction to the drug of multiculturalism went the way of the dinosaurs, and we started demanding assimilation, and equality before the law. Imagine the problems we could begin to solve -- Affirmative Action would be a thing of the past, we'd be serious about rounding up and deporting illegal aliens and then keeping them out, no more bi-lingual education to waste precious funds on, freer-and-cleaner elections with much less voter fraud, lower crime rates, previously-vanquished-but-now-returning vermin and childhood diseases would again become a distant memory, the Welfare Rolls would be be drastically cut, Healthcare would be cheaper and easier to obtain, Taxes would fall, deficits would close, Academia might actually teach instead of indoctrinate, no more home-grown Jihadis.

All of the problems I've just mentioned have their origin in, wholly or in part, the idea of a multicultural society, or more precisely, wholly or in part to the political manipulation of the idea of the multicultural society.

I don't say "cut the multiculturalism crap and all of our problems are solved", I simply say "cut the multicultural crap, demand assimilation based upon True American Principles and Social Norms, turn the recipient and parasite classes into taxpaying citizens, and watch a lot of these problems begin to melt away."

We in the West have put a steadily-declining value on citizenship, and have downplayed, or largely forgotten, the achievements of our own, spectacular and uniquely-successful culture. We have done this in an effort to be seen as "nice", to be seen as "tolerant", and the recipients of all this solicitude are typically people who would cut your throat as soon as look at you, and who have discovered that all this bending over backwards to be seen as "accommodating" has dollar signs attached to it, with the ability to form, literally, countries-within-a-country, and to further dilute the host culture with ideas and activities that are inimical to it, and which will ultimately destroy it from within.

Don't think so? Then consider this: what, exactly, is sooooo much better about cultures that practice honor killings, bigamy, clitoral mutilation, Sharia Law, Cousin marriage, eat "Bush Meat", or put no value upon an education or a work ethic, just for examples?

And we're making these sorts of concessions, devaluing our concepts of citizenship and the corresponding system of rights and responsibilities that come with it, allowing the rape our culture and institutions, the draining of our public coffers, for...what, exactly? A few good restaurants? Cab drivers who don't speak English? Here's the ONE thing you need to remember about multiculturalism;

If some douchebag's host culture was so great, so much better than ours in every measurable way that we don't demand assimilation as the price of citizenship, then why the hell did they ever leave it?

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