Friday, June 10, 2011

More King Hearings on the Jihadi Mindset...

Rep. King to hold hearings on Muslim radicalization within the American prison system.

All you have to do is to come and ask me all about the problem, and we can save everyone a lot of time, and effort, and taxpayer money. But I guess that would mean that a few politicos would be denied face time on television, and the opportunity to pretend as if they’re working, so that’s why it’ll never happen. Here’s all you need to know about the problem of Islamic Terrorism:

1. Muslims are a naturally-violent people. It comes from living in a desert where resources are scarce. They have a long history of horrific violence towards one another and outsiders, and an intimate relationship with murder and killing -- and that was BEFORE they married this murderous instinct to a made-up-by-a-child-molesting-douchebag-sorry-ass excuse for a religion.. Mohammed was like that guy at the end of the bar who’s always saying “Wouldn’t it great, if…”, and then actually went out and did it.

Mohammed is Norm from Cheers… only with a work ethic.

People who take their philosophy and direction from Norm-like figures are people simply too stupid and dangerous to be left alive.

2. Most Muslims are little better than inbred baboons who are incapable of understanding the most basic of concepts required to turn them into good little citizens of the world who might be expected to respect the rights and beliefs of others. In a perfect world we’d have nothing to do with them at all, and we could all go back to that blessed state of ignorance that existed before September 11, confident that the sandy little bastards are of no more account than a hangnail. Left to their own devices they can’t even get a liquid substance which naturally percolates UP out of the ground without our money, expertise or technology. In some parts of the world, they’re even incapable of growing food for themselves. Certainly not the best examples of the Human Genome.

And thanks to generations of cousin marriage these mental deficiencies – a casual relationship with murder, the cultural inferiority complex, the inability to think for themselves, Desert Nomad ideals regarding the Right Makes Right dialectic –  are now permanently part of the Muslim’s DNA. Allowing it all to creep into the Western gene pool is sort of like deliberately infecting everyone you know with Ebola.

3. The only scientific or social advances to have originated in the Muslim world over the last 700 years have been the invention of the suicide belt packed with nails, the IED, the RPG ambush, and the creation of a systematic etiquette surrounding bestiality. Islam is simply a system whereby the worst excesses of Human Nature are given a normative or even heroic value, so long as one can torture scripture to justify one’s actions and the violence is directed against the enemies of Islam, real or imagined.

The average Muslim is a vandal, a rapist, a thief, a liar, a slave master-in-training, convinced that he is destined to rule the world, and that all who oppose him will either be dead by his hand or his rightful slave when Islam finally creates the world-wide Caliphate. He creates nothing of value, and seeks to appropriate, by force or threat, that which belongs to others, and calls it God’s Just Reward. His religion and his culture encourage him to behave this way.

4. The Muslim mindset is firmly ensconced in the 7th Century, and nothing short of a massive high-explosive enema is ever going to jolt them into the Modern World. Instead of ‘Bringing Democracy’ to the Middle East – where that word has no meaning, and no Muslim knows just what freedom is, or what it’s good for – we should have just kicked ass, left a smoking wasteland and poisoned landscape behind us, and left these lunatics to scrabble for survival, fighting one another over thistles and mud puddles.

5. As a means of stopping the disease that is Islam from spreading any further, might I suggest that we employ two very simple and effective countermeasures; stop importing these douchebags and start killing them on the battlefields of the Middle East in great numbers. They won’t assimilate, because God says they can’t, they aren’t ‘jealous of our freedoms’, and they can’t be reformed so long as they’re attached to their religion. We’re only allowing the disease to spread by giving Islam the opportunity to find fertile ground amongst our disaffected and criminal classes, and we’re ensuring that there will be another generation of inbred violent retards willing and able to take up the jihad because the penalties for an act of war upon the West seem to be massive doses of foreign aid, McDonald’s, new school buildings and the introduction of penicillin, and not the annihilation of life, property or culture.

If the Islamic world had the means and opportunity to do to us what we can do to it, they wouldn’t hesitate to do it. We’ve been pussyfooting around this fact for a decade now.

Islam is like a weed: it must either be pulled up from the root, or it must be killed before it strangles the life out of everything that grows around it. Holding hearings on the ‘root causes’ of Islamic Extremism is important, yes, but if it doesn’t lead to the right conclusion (we’re in fight to the death with an enemy who will not surrender unless beaten within an inch of his life) then this is all theatre which serves no good purpose.

The solution to the problem of Islamic terrorism is to apply the lessons we once learned fighting other foes motivated by a caustic ideology or religious imperative:

Remember what we did to Nazi Germany?

Remember what we did to Imperial Japan?

While trying to learn as much as possible about our enemies' motivations is important, it's also important to remember that fanaticism is difficult to overcome without doing great violence to others, and in a way that makes it unmistakably clear that the fanatics are simply on the wrong track. Until someone is suffering inhuman pain or misery they will NEVER stop to question the validity of the cultural imperative that has driven them to start this war.

This is unfortunate, yes, but sadly necessary. Until the Average Jihadi in the Street is convinced that he cannot win, that his methods are next to useless, that his experience has no answer to the misery about him, that his institutions are unequal to the task of carrying on the fight or worthy of his continuing loyalty, this conflict will continue. Only the total defeat and collapse of the Islamic regimes across the Middle East will ever begin to bring the possibility of peace.

And you can forget about all that stuff happening in Egypt, Libya, Syria and Yemen right now: that's not the long-anticipated liberation of the Arab Mindset. These people may be screeching 'Democracy' but not in the way we understand it; they aren't reform-minded individualists who seek a pluralistic society and free-market economy, they are rioting in the streets for the shortsighted goal of obtaining the right to have a choice in which kleptomaniac Fundamentalist Douchebag gets to oppress them and lead them to greater poverty of mind, pocket and spirit.

We need Congressional Hearings to figure this out?

To paraphrase an infamous Christian:

"Kill them all (or at least as many as we need to), and then let God sort them out..."

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Mr. Chap said...

Well, I agree with you. Their minds aren't even ready for technological advancement. Hell, they're the only ones still living in a barbaric state. Like living as civilized human beings is considered selling out or something.