Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Handy Herman...

Boy, it's sure beginning to really suck to be Herman Cain!

Let's put this out here right at the top: I don't believe, based upon the scanty and mostly anonymous evidence presented so far, that Herman Cain has molested or sexually harassed anyone. I believe, in much the same way the lamestream, libtard press believes, that is, sans incontrovertible evidence, that Cain is innocent in much the same way as his political opponents would like you to believe that he is guilty.

It is a crying shame that in this day and age the presumption of innocence is so casually tossed away, and it's even more sickening that even this thin protection of human rights and dignity is even more quickly discarded when the accusation in question is so obviously related to one's political beliefs and affiliations.

Four women (so far as we know, there's only actually one woman, since the other three people supposedly making the accusations lack enough courage of their convictions to actually identify themselves) have said that Herman gets a little suggestive and perhaps takes the term 'hands-on training' a little too seriously. Three of them hide behind a shield which is constructed of three parts anonymity and one part stupid media.

The one that has come forward did so with a story that stinks on ice, led to a podium by Gloria Allred.

It should be a law in this country: if Gloria Allred is your (paid) representative, the general public should be able to automatically assume that you're full of shit. Gloria is to Women's Rights what Je$$e Jackson is to Civil Rights, that is, merely the visible symptom of a much more pernicious disease.

Je$$e and Gloria are like the boil, canker sore, or a raging itch that precedes the onset of something that will eventually suck the life out of you. In their cases, the deadly maladies are politically-motivated brain death and a blood-curdling inanity.

Be that as it may, let's take a look at this new accuser's story, so far as I know it.

She goes to Herman looking for help in getting a new job. Somehow, this career-counselling session takes place in a parked car on a busy Washington, D.C. street, because apparently she can't get an appointment to see him in his office, or maybe all the coffee shops, bars, and Public Parks in Washington were crowded that day. According to the accuser, Herman first makes an effort to get to third base, and when he is rebuffed, he then attempts to force her to perform an act of Mouth-to-South Resuscitation.

Somehow (and the how is never explained) she manages to escape with her virtue intact. Upon avoiding a potential rape, she does none of the following:

a. call a cop
b. scream for help from passers-by on the street
c. seek professional help -- no doctors, no lawyers, no grief counsellors, or such --  so far as we know, from anyone.

What she does do, however, is tell her girlfriends who sign an affidavit a decade-and-a-half later with an extreme clarity or recollection concerning the details of the alleged sexual assault, and under circumstances in which neither the accused or his counsel gets the opportunity to depose them. Apparently, neither of these (anonymous, too) girlfriends makes an effort to call a cop on her behalf, either, when that would have made a great deal of sense. Fourteen years later, when Herman Cain rises to national prominence, the woman suddenly remembers her ordeal at his hands, and does what all right-thinking crime victims do: she gets herself a professional moonbat to lead her to a press conference in the middle of a republican primary season, denouncing the would-be rabid sexual predator roaming the streets in a three-piece suit.

And still, so far as anyone knows, no one has ever called the Police to report what is a serious crime in every corner of Planet Earth not ruled by Sharia Law.

I'm so glad Feminism came along to 'empower' women, who to this day can so frankly speak to their girlfriends, their lawyers, and the media about the intimate details of their ravishing, but who somehow still haven't gotten the message that when a crime is committed it's a good idea to let someone in authority know about it so that criminals don't go free.

Which just goes to demonstrate something I have contended all along: Feminism is complete bullshit. So is an otherwise-unreported charge of sexual harassment.

Somehow, one gets the distinct impression that the slow drip-drip-drip of unproven allegations is supposed to destroy the Cain candidacy, that the longer his opponents get to paint him as some sort of unsavory character with a penchant for feeling a chick up without buying her dinner first, that he's some sort of cad that is unfit to hold the highest office in the all the land. It's quite a comical circumstance when you stop to consider that many of the people who would like you to believe that Herman Cain -- sans evidence -- is some sort of sexual deviant are the same people who have beatified JFK and RFK, worship at the altar of Bill Clinton, fawned over John Edwards, and went to great extremes to ensure that the stories of their sexual proclivities remained hidden, and so too their actual victims.

Until someone comes forward with ironclad proof that Herman is a pervert, I think he's entitled to the presumption of innocence, and it is incumbent upon his accusers to prove their claims rather than just engage in a game of innuendo and unreported charges.

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