Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Gettin' With the Times...

It was inevitable.

One day I knew that if I had ever wanted to make this collection of diseased rantings a viable commercial enterprise, I would have to get with the program and make it accessible to morons of all stripes.

Hence, you can now Tweet the Lunatic's Asylum (the tag line is #Excelsior502), and let your friends know just what sort of scurrilous and sanctimonious nonsense comes out of my fevered imagination. Coming soon, the next signpost on the Highway to Hades: a Facebook connection for the Lunatic's Asylum.

I had hoped to keep both of these technological menaces to civil society at arm's length, but unfortunately, the Lunatic likes Pepsi and Marloboros and these, alas, cost money. Part of the compromise between insanity and cash is to bow to the inevitable and stoop to the level of those whose only connection to anything approaching humanity is the ability to use their opposible thumbs while disengaging their critical thinking skills.

I'm still working out all the details, so please bear with me.

I weep for the future as I discover just what it is that people are really doing with Facebook and Twitter, but fortunately, if this sort of thing actually works in raking in the bucks, I will at least be able to afford Kleenex.

Tell your friends!

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