Tuesday, March 13, 2012

But..It's for the Children...

Rochester, NY 13-year-old retaliated against by teachers, administrators, forced to go to another school, after writing essay critical of her so-called Educational Experience.

This is what happens when you unionize baboons, overpay them, and then give them tenure.

Whenever you hear the phrase "It's for the Children", I want you to remember two things:

a) No, it really isn't...well, maybe it's not for YOUR kids, and

b) You’d better get ready for another union-and-government-led assault upon your rights, your wallet and your sensibilities, disguised as some sort of touchy-feely, flaming Libtard do-good-ism that will never, ever, work as it is advertised, but rather exactly as it was intended…which means a brilliantly-planned failure which justifies pouring ever more tax dollars into a public education system which will never find it's way into a classroom for all the waiting-to-be-greased palms, open pockets, and waiting-for-this-week-envelope politicians along the way.

Educating young minds? I rather doubt it.

You know, if these people had to work in the public sector...which means they would have to demonstrate the capacity to work, first...they'd be out of job in a heartbeat. In the private sector, you cannot persecute a customer and remain on the job long. You can't discriminate for all the lawsuits that behavior typically generates, and you for damned sure can't engage in an organized conspiracy to harass a consumer that lodges an informal -- but on the money -- complaint because that gets the shareholders and bosses pretty pissed off, and leads to losses instead of profits.

There's a specific reason why "Education" majors come from the lowest-performing one-fifth of any graduating college class. This demonstrates that phenomenon quite well, don't you think?

The racial angle just makes it worse. Good thing all them teachers push that Diversity bullshit on the kids all year long, huh?

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