Friday, March 16, 2012

Conservative in the Closet Has Moved...

It was but a matter of time, really, but C-in-C is back in the saddle at her new blog, The End of Your Arm.

Go and visit her there before Lefty the Discipline Elf has to make an unannounced midnight visit to your house, and maim you in your sleep.

In the meantime, we're proud to put her new blog on our wall of shame.

While you're at it, take the opportunity to read through some of my favorite blogs:

Iowahawk: if you're still not reading Iowahawk every goddamned day, then you deserve to be drawn and quartered and served to cannibals in a creamy cheese sauce.

Five Feet of Fury: Inappropriate, but spot-on, commentary from one of Canada's cooler people. if all Canadians were like this, they'd be a shoo-in to be the 51st state way before Puerto Rico, and a hell of a lot more useful.

The Insane Asylum: Hey, I'm still writing there, and you should go over and see my peeps, Mr. Chap and Nena Grace, and sit a spell. They'll be glad to see you, and have a large selection of designer strait jackets and sedatives for you to chose from.

Diogenes' Middle Finger; Some of my content winds up there (thanks for the cross-links!), and there's some really cool stuff for you to laugh over. You won't need a helmet, I promise.


Diogenes Sarcastica™ said...

Thanks for including me in such great company, Matt!

Matthew said...

You're welcome. You deserved it!