Tuesday, April 03, 2012

This is Why The Public Schools Suck, Part V...

Teacher’s unions against a phonics-based reading program that works, as opposed to the current trend in “education: which is to take the taxpayer’s money and run, leaving behind legions of stupid children to choke on your dust cloud.

Then again, it has been noted before in a millions studies on the subject that it’s generally well-known in academic circles that a majority of “education majors” were often themselves the worst college students, and the reason they became education majors – usually after changing majors at least once – is because it’s too easy to achieve a watered-down degree and then an iron-clad-almost-job-for-life public-sector job.

A job, incidentally, which only requires that you be able to pass a dumbed-down qualification exam written at a third grade reading level (because otherwise many minority applicants couldn’t pass it, and who wants to deal with the predictable civil rights lawsuits?).

Your average teacher is no better qualified than your garbage man to teach your children math and reading, and every bit as overpaid.

This is but yet one more reason to break the government monopoly on education in this country.

UPDATE: If you wish to read even more about the insanity taking place within our public schools, click on the taglines at the bottom of this article. Your eyes will be opened once you know just what it is that our so-called "educators" are doing to kids within the school setting.

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