Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This is Why The Public Schools Suck, Part IV...

New York City "educators" compile list of 50 words that are never-ever to appear on a test, just in case someone gets offended...and stuff.

I could expound upon this for hours, but do I really need to? This isn't funny; it's your tax dollars at work, and your children in danger! Political Correctness run amok, is what it is. Shameful is what it is.

If it had not appeared in print -- in a newspaper which is frequently all-too-happy to present the Libtard point of view as if it were a dictate from the Almighty, and then present it as the bestest fuckin' thing evah! -- I would hardly have believed it.

I'd call it "child abuse", but that term has apparently been banned.

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