Sunday, June 10, 2012

Big Changes Are Coming...

We here at the Asylum (that would be Me, Mr. Chap, and the Asylum Elves -- Lefty, Swifty, Butch and Stig) are pleased to announce that you can now follow this exquisite mental constipation on Facebook.

Very soon, you will also be able to use this new-fangled Twitter contraption the kids all have their panties in a bunch over to...Tweet, is it?...this nonsense to your family, friends, and all the people you really fucking hate. As long as you're going to waste your time reading this pablum you might as well avail yourself of the opportunity to annoy everyone you know with it.

Also coming soon, you'll be able to show your deepest gratitude and appreciation for all the effort, hard work and days of missing my meds that go into crafting only the finest of offensive missives by clicking on some goddamned ads, and getting me paid. And soon after that, there will be a Tip Jar added, because this Lunatic likes New York Strip and Marlboros -- and they don't grown on friggin' trees you know.

Any donation at all will be greatly appreciated, and also save you the trauma and trouble of an unannounced, midnight visit from Mr. Twinkie, our resident Ninja Elf, who still believes he's out in the bush fighting Charlie.

We'd like to thank the literally thousands of you who stop by here each and every month for your continued support of the Lunatic's Asylum, and ask you to continue patronizing us for all of your mentally diseased commentary needs.

Thanks much!


Chief Lunatic-in-Residence
The Lunatic's Asylum

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