Monday, June 11, 2012

"There Are Vicious People Working for the President..."

So says Lanny Davis, ex-Clinton lapdog and all-around self-serving douchebag.

This sort of reinforces the idea that I've had -- expressed many times on this very page -- that Barack Obama doesn't really run anything. he simply leaves things to his subordinates, and then goes on vacation or attends another tony fundraiser. For him, being President of the United States is just one, great big ego trip, and the heavy lifting -- the real work associated with it -- is for someone else to do.

If this is a truly accurate description of the people this President has surrounded himself with, the Valerie Jarrets, the David Axelrods, the sort of petty little dictators who never forget a slight (real or imagined), and who are willing to use their positions and access to the Commander-in-Chump to settle old scores, then it's no wonder that the Obama Tidy Bowl Presidency has gone the way it has.
The country is in the very worst of hands, so says me. 

And yeah, I know the reflexive defense to all this "Obama is surrounded by dipshits" talk is the work of undermining ex-Clinton officials, from Bill and Her Heinous Hillary all the way down to Lanny Davis who probably have their own agendas, but it is telling.

Whether it's Bill going out and talking the O-man up one day, and then ceremoniously crapping all over him the next, or all the Clinton-era holdovers who managed to slither back into the halls of power -- despite all the promises of Hope and Change, apparently the same people keep finding their way back into government -- who are angling to get the Hilldebeest another shot at the White House, the point is still being made that Obama is a rank amateur and the conclusion one must draw is that those of you who voted for this doofus in a panic should be taken out and maimed with something rusty.

Nice going, Assholes.

Fortunately, November is only five months away.

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