Friday, July 27, 2012

A Nod to Some Local Bloggers...

I'd like to call your attention to two blogs that I've recently been introduced to that are written by my fellow Staten Islanders. I want to make it clear that that I agree with neither writer on most things, but, it is important that we do occasionally take stock of someone else's point of view, if only for our own education.

The first blog is Strangers in a Picture, which takes a bleeding-heart liberal view of well...just about everything. I normally would not spend much time reading this sort of stuff, but it is interesting in this regard: it's nice to know what the entitlement class thinks, or even if it thinks, at all. I do not mean this to be a knock on the author, but rather upon her apparent political philosophy. Give it a look see, just to be nice, huh?

The second blog is The Staten Island Wolf, which from what I gather, is the Principled Anarchist's view of things. Truth to tell, I know just about jack-diddly-squat about Anarchy-the-political-philosophy , but the author here at least makes some attempt to put it into a reasonable context so that even an non-indoctrinated doofus like me can make sense of it. This blog at least has something interesting to say.

I'll be putting them up on the Wall of Shame for anyone who may be interested.

And they say Staten Islanders are dumb? Look, some of us can actually write!

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Scott Ferrie said...

Thanks for the shout out Matt. Yes, my blog is from an anarchist perspective. As Benjamin Tucker once said anarchists can be best described as 'unterrified Jeffersonian democrats' meaning that we believe in absolute individual liberty, voluntary association, and free cooperation absent archons, rulers, and slave masters. We believe in poly-centric law and radical pluralism in regards to social organization. Either way, thanks for posting and keep it up brother.