Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Rangel "Baffled": Bought Voters Don't Stay Bought...

It's called Alzheimer's, Charlie.

New York Congressdouche Charlie "The Tax Cheat" Rangel "baffled" by apparent slimness of margin of victory in primary fight.

The one thing you democrats have to remember about buying votes is that sometimes they don’t always stay bought.

This page is no fan of Rep. Charlie Rangel, and believes that he needs to go. I believe that he is a criminal, and the only reason why he escaped the telling mark of the criminal (i.e. a conviction) is because his exalted status as Black Icon, and position as a member of Nancy Pelosi's "gotta have on board" clique saved his fat ass from an actual criminal proceeding, and saw him merely censored by his fellow criminals in the House of Representatives. Making Rangel pay for committing a series of felonies would have been politically disastrous and unseemly in an America obsessed with race, and would have deprived ObamaCare of one it's most fervent boosters at a critical time.

If Rep. Rangel had not been a member of Congress, and instead been, say, one of us mere mortals, he'd be doing a long stretch in the federal pen on tax evasion charges, and slapped with a hefty fine on top of it all. Not standing for re-election.

In fact, Charlie Rangel stands as a shining example of what's wrong in Washington, D.C. on so many levels that it is difficult to decide where to begin when reciting his list of shortcomings, and those of his fellow parasites.

Let's hear what Congressman Doofus has to say for himself with regards to both his skin-of-the-teeth victory, and the audacity of his opponent who, so far as anyone can tell, is simply out to make certain the result was fair and the he, himself, is not deprived of his chance to defraud the public, evade taxes, and get stupid, stinking rich on insider Congressional knowledge.

“To my surprise, my opponent’s campaign pounced on me on Friday, saying that I had somehow stolen their votes! I’m completely baffled by the situation and the way my opponent has been reacting.”

So, let me get this straight: you're "baffled" that your opponent would accuse you of cheating? Say it ain't so, Mr. I-Wrote-the-Tax-Code-But-Never-Followed-It-Myself!

His opponent, who doesn't seem to be much smarter than your average cocker spaniel, uttered this gem:

“I thought that stuff happened in Florida or Mississippi somewhere, but not here in New York State,” he said.

Have you ever seen the 19th century technology used at NY State polling places? Did you ever notice the one-foot-in-the-grave ambiance surrounding NY State election and poll workers? You do know this is the City where Tammany Hall once ruled, and still does, only in different guise? You do recall that this is the city run by a cabal of complete asswipes whose primary concerns are the amount of salt in our hot dogs and the amount of sugar in our Starbucks?

Of course this sort of thing happens in New York City, where we spend millions every year to tell people not to take drugs, and then hand out clean needles to heroin addicts. This is New York where a street repair takes ten months and involves at least 4 city agencies and 3 utility companies to all rip up and then replace the same patch of pavement one after the other, and usually weeks apart. This is New York City, where we keep 6,000 teachers with pending criminal charges, unresolved mental issues and drug abuse problems on the payroll, even AFTER they have gone to jail.

Of course they’re still counting votes days after the actual Election Day; half the people doing the counting probably attended one of our finest public schools, which means they’re unable to count without removing their shoes and socks, and then have to take a union-mandated day off after they reach eleventeen. That always slows the process down.

But you gotta love this little firecracker from the man who has bought two elections himself, and therefore, should be in a position to know:

Mayor Bloomberg piled on Monday, calling the board “incompetent” and questioning the integrity of the new electronic voting machines. “It is about as corruptible a system as anybody could conceivably design,” he said.

Now THAT’S rich: Emperor Bloomdouche first calling anything incompetent, and then complaining about the very electoral system that he’s helped to corrupt? You can’t make this shit up!

If you want to prevent the worst sorts of abuses, you know, like the tax-dodger Rangel getting elected for a 22nd time, or being replaced with a complete retard who couldn’t spell his own name properly on a lawsuit (that’s the “legal technicality” involved here, I’ll bet), or having to suffer through a lament over a broken electoral system uttered by one who broke it, then do what they do in Iraq:

Get some purple fucking dye and have people dip their fucking thumbs in it. Get some people who know how to count to enumerate the ballots. Make the ballots themselves incorruptible and easy-enough to use by even democrats with a 4th grade education (the average democratic/Union voter) so that they won’t be subject to “interpretation” by a complete retard, and therefore, manipulation.

It’s fucking embarrassing that in the Greatest City on Planet Earth, we have to suffer the presence of people who are ruining it – Rangel and Bloomberg – and be saddled with an electoral system that would be considered high-tech, secure and efficient, only if we were talking about the Election of 1800.

But then again, if the City paid attention to something like that, then there wouldn’t be enough money left over in the budget to harass private citizens who only want to light up a smoke or enjoy a burrito without being preached to by fucking upper East Side libtards and snobs (sorry, that’s redundant), or to ensure that a Congressional Criminal could scam four rent-controlled apartments to use as “offices” for 40+ years, free of investigation.

Personally, I’m of the mind that it doesn’t really matter WHO won that primary, because the result – yet another ticket-punching douchebag goes to Congress to make fancy speeches and steal taxpayer money – is a foregone conclusion. Better it should remain empty than to have any professional politician in this city fill it.

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