Saturday, June 30, 2012

Some Stuff You Should Read...

Here's a  few things I wanted to give y'all a heads-up about, but forgot to.

We begin with the Esteemed Mr. Mark Steyn, and his assertion that when Americans voted in a fit of mixed stupidity, fear, and psychosis in 2008, they couldn't have done a worse job in picking a President if they had all been drunk and strung out on anti-depressants on top of it all.

After all, they elected a bigger phony than one might have imagined.

Somehow, one gets the impression that Steyn really wanted to title that column "Dear America: You're So Fucking Stupid". Read it, learn the lesson, don't make the same mistake again.

Jonah Goldberg seconds this assertion in this lovely piece, only one gets the distinct impression that he would have preferred the title "You Voted for this Douchebag? Thanks a lot!" instead of the one he actually used.

Of course, our old friend Professor Hanson sums up the defects in Barack Obama, The Obama Years, The Obama Policies, and liberals (small 'l' intentional) in general. This is a MUST READ; it's a very good explanation of why Barack Obama will be quite possibly very lucky to be leaving Washington, DC on January 21st 2013 with his life.

Cool Video:

And just in case you've missed it, here's Barack Obama, the Least Interesting Man in the World.

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