Wednesday, September 26, 2012

And Immigration is Supopsed to be a Good Thing, Because...?

News this morning of a new outbreak of SARS, this time in the Middle East.

Now, normally I could give a rat's ass if there's a new disease out there killing Muslims, who pretty much need killing, if you ask me.

But this story got me to thinking about all the 'new' diseases that have reached American shores since the trend of uninterrupted immigration went on the uptick, and the return of a whole slew of 'old' diseases once thought eradicated.

Who hasn't heard any of the following in the last decade or so:

SARS and Bird Flu epidemics in Asia, particularly China. In the case of Avian Flu, we're hearing all sorts of potential horror stories about antibiotic resistant strains, and the possibility of transmission across species.

West Nile Virus has reared it's ugly head in the United States, and while the actual numbers of people infected to date have been small, it's one of those diseases that bears watching, as the means of transmission (mosquito bite) is something that can never be totally defended against.

Measles, whooping cough, tuberculosis, and syphilis have come roaring back in America, coincidentally with the arrival of some 12-16 million illegal immigrants, most from Central and South America. Leprosy is beginning to make an appearance in the American Southwest, and other places where large, illegal Latino populations gather. And you thought leprosy was just another word in the Bible...

And it isn't only disease that we're importing with these people, either.

Hell, we're even dealing with a resurgence of bedbugs in America, something I had hardly ever thought about in my lifetime until just a few years ago. The problem of invasive species in America is growing, whether we're talking voracious Asian carp that destroy fisheries, many varieties of reptile that have found the Louisiana Bayou and Florida Everglades to their liking, and who the hell knows how many species of plants and insects that are a threat to American agriculture.

Don't get me started on how many salmonella, e coli, etc. cases we've had in recent years that have been traced back to some migrant farm worker, or meat packing plant denizen who apparently washes his hands in his own waste before handling lettuce, spinach, tomatoes and ground beef..

It's bad enough we're basically bringing entire Third World populations, populations with little to no education, a variety of health- and crime-related problems inside our borders to do grunt work. It's even worse that we're importing entire Third-World populations who are unexposed to the Western Tradition of democratic, consensual government, and free-market capitalism. It's damned-near catastrophic that many of our so-called elites feel they must apologize for our traditions of free speech and religious tolerance.

Then again, it's not as if we're actually encouraging these people to learn, either; it's enough that most of them will cut lawns, clean pools, make hotel beds, bus tables, and watch your kids, often for pathetic wages and sans income taxes, just so they can suck on the government teat and take up valuable space in hospitals and schools.

Do we also have to deal with their lack of hygiene, filthy lifestyles and disease-ridden bodies, too?

If there is a health care 'crisis' in America, and some 30, 60 or 90 million (depending on whose numbers you actually believe) people are using vital resources they aren't paying for, then one has to believe that 12-16 million illegal immigrants, showing up in emergency rooms for everything from a paper cut, to a case of sniffles, to full-blown AIDS, are a large part of the problem.

The solution, so far as the current administration is concerned, is to simply pretend as if they aren't here illegally and stealing healthcare from Americans, and then institute a new entitlement program that caters to them, is a bad one. Not only do American hospitals have to contend with emergency wards full of the indigent and often illegal, they now have to contend with diseases that were once but a distant memory, too?

It is but a matter of time, methinks, before some great outbreak.of a once-eradicated disease, only in a new, more virulent form, makes an appearance in America before someone gets the idea that it's perhaps a bad thing to have so many goddamned foreigners running around sneezing, spitting and coughing all over the place, touching every goddamned surface, and infecting everything from our subway cars to our food supply with an endless procession of germs.

One almost seriously prays for a massive outbreak of something, because it appears as if all the other danger signals -- terrorism, crime, drunk driving, gang-related violence, honor killings, drug trafficking, and a broke-ass government borrowing money at astronomical levels mostly for their (the illegals') benefit -- have been universally ignored. It's almost as if we need a few hundred thousand casualties traced back to some worm-shitting  Somali immigrant with running boils and a fifty-two dead relatives in his one-bedroom illegal rental before we take the problem seriously.

Stop immigration, today, then round the rest up, little by little, and then ship them off to who the fuck cares. The best place to find them, I reckon, is to stake out the Emergency Room, because they all eventually end up there leaking, shivering, sweating, and demanding treatment.

And then I don't have to have my breakfast spoiled with another scare story about a foreign disease that kills millions Over There, nor see my insurance rates and taxes hiked to pay for their treatment.

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