Sunday, September 16, 2012

Douchebag of the Week: The Arab Street...

This is the first time in the history of the prestigious Douchebag of the Week Award that an entire ethnic or religious group has won the big prize.

Mind you, this is no simple accomplishment given the normally very low standards of mindless behavior that are required to even be nominated. In this case, something unprecedented has occurred, and an entire people has displayed such egregious behavior that I am forced to conclude that what was once (wholesale douchebaggery) the exclusive domain of only the worst of  individuals -- a politician, a media figure, perhaps a denizen of Hollywood -- has gone viral, and infected an entire ethnicity.

There are those who say that what has happened in Libya and Egypt, and then quickly spread to Yemen, Iraq, Sudan, and Tunusia, is the simple and understandable reaction of a people who have had their religion insulted by some unimportant internet filmmaker. To those who would defend the murder of Americans and an overt act of war, I would say this:

When next these degenerate people decide to flip out and make their displeasure known to the world, I hope that they avail themselves of unloading upon your front lawn, and that the only casualties will be those who try to find excuses for this sort of thing. You, the defenders of the mindless Islamic Mob, are a major part of the problem. Mainly because you are unable to tell the truth, even to yourselves, about what motivated the Egyptian and Libyan attacks.

And what motivated them was sheer, unadulterated, mindless rage against that which they both have been trained by their religion to despise, and that which they also secretly wish they could have for themselves, given half the chance.

What we've witnessed, yet again, is a temper tantrum thrown by people who, on a good day, could find their own asses with both hands and a compass, who are denied the basic human rights that their defenders take for granted, whipped into a frenzy that is directed against us by the very people who deny the rioters anything approaching freedom and plenty because their version of God has commanded that his worshipers should remain pig ignorant, inbred, dust-eating, nose-picking, desert-dwelling pieces of camel dung.

The real issue with the rioters in the streets of Benghazi and Cairo is not an internet film. It is not American foreign policy -- although the policies of the current (and hopefully temporary) occupant of the White House may have much to do with the ferocity of the attacks -- it is that they live in a dying culture which is attached to a questionable past, and to a Book which ensures that every person born in the lands stretching across North Africa, from the Atlantic to the Persian Gulf, will know nothing but conflict, violence, want, ignorance, dirt and poverty for the remainder of their natural lives.

What we've seen displayed on our television screens this past week was the Muslim Mindset. It has not changed one iota in some 1400 years, despite the best efforts of Western peoples and governments to instill a new way of thinking in what amounts to mindless savages. The Islamic World proves that Darwin was not only right, but that evolution can apparently also work in reverse.

Those people in the street are not pissed off about a YouTube video, probably because three-quarters of them don't even know what YouTube, or a video, are.

Those people are not angry because Americans and other Westerners have defiled their holy soil with the their presence, or because obscure internet troublemakers, cartoonists and comedians ridicule their child-molesting prophet. On a good day, he vast majority are totally unaware of such things because they have little to no concept of anything beyond their own closed minds.

No, these people are angry because they're fucking stupid, and have nothing better to do. They've been told to be angry, but not exactly why they should be. Because if they were in possession of the Why the entire structure of what passes for civilization in the Middle East would crumble faster than a Nancy Pelosi argument exposed to a cursory fact-checking.

The problems of the Middle East stem, first and foremost, from the traditional Arab culture, which has always been chauvinistic, cruel, incurious, and quick to turn to violence. It is the Code of the Desert, if you will, that mere survival in such a harsh climate often creates hard men, with little time or ambition for the rules of civilized society. This cultural mindset, where Might Makes Right, where the overriding criterion in life is to get yours by any means necessary, puts tempers on a hair trigger, a phenomenon which was exploited by the second problem of Arab Culture.

Islam, despite what the craven and lying defenders of the indefensible might insist, is not a religion, in the conventional sense. It is a military code, which grants license to the individual to engage in the worst excesses of human nature, so long as one can either do it to someone outside of the Islamic group, or find a tortured passage of the Koran, a book written with so many contradictions on it's pages -- this page's prohibition is the next one's enthusiastic encouragement -- that serves as a means of justifying the unjustifiable.

According to the Koran, there are only two sorts of people in the world: Muslims and Infidels. The Muslims, God says, are the rightful rulers of the world, and the Infidels are to be slain and enslaved in their service. There is no other role for the Infidel in the Koran; anything and everything that one might imagine -- your very worst nightmares -- are not only supposed to perpetrated upon the Infidel, they will be rewarded by God.

Killing us is not so much a rational or irrational response to misdirected anger, as much as it is an act of piety to them.

Add this cultural predilection for violence, this casual relationship with bloodshed, and the religious imperative to destroy the enemies of the faith (a category of people which is most expansive, and which expands further with each passing day), and you get Terrorism, Jihad, and the killing of Diplomats.

These pernicious cultural and religious influences combine to create people who are intellectually stunted, incurious about the world around them. The Koran says that God has already ordained the order and course of all things. A Man who interferes in such things -- by trying to discover the mysteries of Life, Creation, and Nature -- is questioning the Will and Wisdom of God; he is committing blasphemy, an offense punishable by death. There is no point in trying to improve your lot in life, for God has already determined your fate, and one does not challenge God.

Unlike the Western World which in many cases either abandoned superstition for the cold practicality of logic, reason and facts, or adapted it's religious dogmas in the face of new revelations about the Universe, Islam has singularly refused to embrace the idea that Man can, indeed, divine the Will of God, or change his place in the world. The difference between the Judeo-Christian mindset, and the Islamic one? Jews and Christians believe they have been given a holy duty to improve their world before the Messiah comes (or returns), while for Islam, the greatest thing that could ever happen -- Mohammad ascending into Heaven -- has already passed. History, for them, has ended, and with it, the need to be intellectually curious. All that remains to the True Believer is the fulfillment of prophecy, which, as we've already noted, means the elimination of the Infidel by any means that can be found.

And they obey this directive without any thought as to why they should...except that God told them so. It's a vicious circle. And the people who God has apparently chosen to disseminate that message have every reason to prevent the average Muslim from having an independent thought process, for if the people could think for themselves, they would reject the Islamic view of the World and History, seeing it for the fraudulent ideology that it is.

Particularly when they CAN look beyond their own horizons and they see the prosperity with which the Infidel, particularly the Western and Jewish ones, live. This is the secret behind the hatred of Israel that is prevalent in many Islamic countries: Israel, democratic, pluralistic Israel, serves as an example of what might be, what is possible, without the religious control of every aspect of someones life. Israel must be destroyed because the Jews are living proof that there is a better way of life to be had, without the mullahs dictating which hand you wipe your behind with, and because Israel is the bastard child of the West, supported and protected by the West, so too, must we be destroyed. It's a simple concept for a simple people.

The Western intellectual revolutions of the past largely discredited much of the old Judeo-Christian dogmas regarding the Universe. It became axiomatic that Man's quest was not to simply obey the will of God, but to understand it. This led to critical ways of thinking; the elimination of a religious litmus test for all ideas, the empirical method of repeated experiment and observation, the idea that human beings have natural rights, the dictum that history is, in large part, the creation of Man, and that to a certain extent, Man can, by conscious and hopefully positive effort, change it's course.

This has brought us wealth, power, medicine, nuclear power, art, science, freedom, of the sort that most Muslims would like to have for themselves, if we consider that human nature, being what it is, is operative. Who wouldn't want a world where you had enough to eat (the biggest problem in the Western world is OVER-eating), where your children could get inoculations that save their lives, where running water, electrical power, schools, automobiles, all sorts of labor-saving devices, are abundant and available to all?

There has been nothing comparable to this intellectual revolution, or these religious reformations, in the Islamic world.

This is what some of the more prescient of them want, It is what they need. The problem is that they cannot figure out how to get there. And they can never work out the 'secret' to Western-style prosperity for themselves until their culture -- with it's propensity for violence, and strict enforcement of religious attitudes -- remains in place. There are no signs of the required cultural changes being made by Islamic Arabs themselves; generations of inbreeding, the steady erosion of ambition and initiative that takes place under dictatorship and theocracy, the ultimate defeat of the dynamic individual at the hands of a frightened, ignorant majority, all connive to ensure that millions will take to the streets to protest...they're not quite sure what.

But the mullahs tell them it is all about Infidels and an Insult to the Prophet, and that's good enough for the majority of them. This simple convention (your problems are the result of external forces) saves the mullahs and dictators the trouble of having to deal with real issues, "like why are we all starving, knee-deep in flies and syphilis?" Just tell them "It's the Jews/Americans/Infidels/Western Culture/Internet movies/Cartoons, that's why..." and off they go to throw stones, burn down buildings and kill anyone they can lay hands on.

Works every time.

If you ever needed a clearer illustration of how badly off the Arab Street is, then try this on for size:

On September 11, 2001, the United States was attacked by 19 Muslim fanatics, most from oil-rich Islamic states. The majority of these young men had left the Middle East to live in the West, where they could get jobs and educations, for despite the oil wealth of a Saudi Arabia, there is  no employment to be found, and education is reserved for the influential and favored. Once in the West, they found that they could not assimilate (because their culture and religion often made this difficult), and this is, perhaps, the first step on their ultimate path to suicide bombing; the only place they felt at home, accepted, was in the Mosque... where they were radicalized.

They then turned their attention to destroying the culture -- Western -- that had welcomed them, gave them employment, and even educated them.

The weapons they employed were as follows: intercontinental airliners, cell phones, international air travel, credit cards, ATM machines, automobiles, flight schools, computers, the internet, e-mail, electronic funds transfer. These are all the result of a Western attitude that has fostered unfettered scientific inquiry, free market capitalism, a separation of the civic and governmental from the religious, a belief in the sovereign rights of the individual, a respect for property rights and law, even down to the damned boxcutters the terrorists used to kill their hostages.

What did the Middle Eastern, Islamic and mostly-Arab lands provide?

Nineteen idiots with a death wish, operating under the assumption that God would reward them for slaughtering innocents.

That, in a nutshell, is the problem with the Arab Street; It produces nothing of value, and treats those who do with a visceral hatred that often erupts into violent outbursts of unmitigated murder.

The main problem with America's War on Terror, was that the powers that have directed it through two Administrations have never understood that Freedom and Democracy are not like pieces of software that they can be simply loaded into the host society, and within a short time, work seamlessly. It was simplistically believed that it was enough to 'give' Freedom and Democracy to Muslims, and that they would somehow know what to do with them, and having successfully become -- without training or a fundamental appreciation -- 'democratic', much of this stupid shit would stop.

Our leadership were wrong. They have always been wrong. Primarily because they, themselves, have never understood where their Freedoms and Democracy have come from. Most will tell you that their Freedoms stem from the Natural Rights afforded them by God, and guaranteed by the Constitution, and that's as far as their thinking takes them, mostly because they're idiots who have been elected by even bigger idiots.

Their rights, their freedoms, their democracies, are the result of a 4,000 year long process that began in Ancient Greece, and this is still continuing today, It's has been a process of trial-and-error, in which that which works to provide the greatest happiness for the most is kept, and that which does not work is tossed aside. It is a process which insists that we continue to examine it. It demands compromise. The process is accommodating to new ideas and concepts, and is totally divorced from the idea that the individual is simply the plaything of a God who demands murder as his just due.

Until that sort of cultural change begins, from within, the Arab Street will continue to erupt periodically, and terrorism will continue to be a major threat to our way of life. It is problematic, to say the least, for there seems no sign of intelligent life over there, and we should no longer accept the role as babysitters with guns. It's time to leave them to their own devices, for if left alone long enough, they will either only manage to kill one another in greater numbers than we, or perhaps breed themselves out of existence, as future generations of inbred Arabs get dumber, slower, and more prone to genetic defect.  They might, completely by accident, finally get it right, but I wouldn't bet the ranch on that exceedingly small possibility.

 In the meantime, we still need to keep a careful eye on them, and occasionally, drop masses of high explosives on them to keep them in fear. We should stop importing them wholesale into the West. We need to keep them in their own dusty little shitholes where their mindset and diseased culture will finally do what no American President has dared, and either kill these little rat bastards by the millions, or force them to make their own societies better by their own efforts.

And so it has come to this: we award you, the Arab Street, the highest award we can think of for doing the impossible. For demonstrating an unerring instinct to do the wrong thing, for displaying an extraordinary cravenness and cruelty that could not be believed unless it was witnessed first-hand, for being eternally inbred and stupid and for holding out the prospect that with only a little more time you will prove yourselves dumber still, we award you the coveted Douchebag of the Week Award (the exploding version, just so you're comfortable with it).

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