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Of Bombers, Rapists, and Immigration Reform...

By now, everyone knows these photographs; they are of the (alleged) Boston Marathon Bombers,  Chechen immigrants who came to America and somehow found it necessary, for reasons yet to be discerned, to plant shrapnel bombs that killed three and wounded another 180.

They then, as you  know by now, led police on a four-day chase that ended with a cop shot dead, another severely wounded, a city locked down, and a massive house-to-house manhunt complete with gun battles and more explosions than a Bugs Bunny cartoon that could have killed and maimed many more.

This is a picture of another immigrant, this one illegal, who is now standing trial in New York for allegedly stabbing and raping the mother of his child, leaving her partially paralyzed.

As if jihadi terrorist bombers granted political asylum and American citizenship weren't enough, there’s this little drama that has been played out in New York City over the last four years:

Jealous Ex Boyfriend Stabs, Rapes His Baby Mama

First things first: I don’t know what the fuck might be happening over at the New York Post, but the writing and grammar in that story is absolutely atrocious. Then again, judging by the byline, I’m guessing the reporter’s first language ain’t English. One gets the impression that since some of the people involved in this story don’t seem to speak anything but Spanish, it stands to reason the Post sent a Spanish-speaker (but apparently not an English-writer) to cover the trial.

One would think that a major newspaper would have editors. I guess not. Then again, that’s probably why the Post published photos of everybody but the Boston Bombers three days ago without so much as a fact check. Standards seem to be slipping, Mr. Murdoch.

But, I digress…A few thoughts about this particular murderous douchebag:

I get the feeling that he doesn’t watch much TV, or maybe I should say, English-speaking TV. Because if he had, he would know that Maury Povich has DNA-tested every aspiring rapper, would-be music producer, Hoochie Mama, all the Hood Rats, Ghetto Lotharios, every single Female Pincushion, every last Redneck Cum Bucket, all the Inbred Mountain Boys, and every “Gawddamn-he-looks-like-the-albino-banjo-player-from-the-Deliverance!” trailer park denizen in North America.

For free.

Hell, I’m surprised the FBI and Homeland Security didn’t ring Maury up first to check if he had a DNA sample on either Marathon Terrorist. It’s what Maury does these days; it’s all about paternity tests and lie detectors. Maury Povich has information on private citizens that Law Enforcement usually has to obtain a search warrant to get. Fuck, he has people volunteering that information just so they can wrangle an extra $50 a month out of their loser hot-dog-and-a-hump-one-night-stands, most of whom don’t have two nickels to rub together to begin with.

All he had to do, if there was a question about paternity, was to give Maury’s producers a call. I’m certain they have one of those ‘Para servicios in Espanol, marque dos, por favor’ messages on the phone tree.

Then Senor Sperm Donor and the apparent Sausage Wallet that he knocked up would have known for certain if their little anchor baby was, indeed, the psychopathic Papa’s.

Second, a gentleman never stabs a lady before he rapes her. He buys her a lovely dinner, compliments her taste in shoes, tosses a few drinks down her throat, and invests in roofies. How do I know this? I’ve spent enough time in the swankier nightspots/dives here in New York, and have seen more than my fair share of women lying face down in a puddle of urine and vomit, their panties wrapped around their ankles, on the Men’s Room floor. And believe it or not, nine-point-five-times-out-of-ten, it was the woman who was the aggressor, and it only becomes rape after-the-fact because the stupid bastard didn’t stuff cab fare into her butt crack in return for his knee-knocker in the stall.

But seriously…

Rape is NOTHING to joke about. 

And no one – except maybe congressional democrats and Islamic terrorists – deserves to be stabbed into paralysis. If you ask me, the country would be much better if we were allowed to stab congressional democrats and Islamic terrorists with impunity (oh my! I should probably expect a call from the FBI now, huh? They have no fucking sense of humor, those guys). Oh, sorry…I seem to have wandered off again….ahem…

If you’re trying desperately to hold onto the woman you love, Amigo, then stabbing her once in the leg and three times in the back while stealing her favors against her will is probably not going to turn the trick for you. Then again, that’s probably how you got into this mess in the first place. The turning tricks thing, I mean.

You could have called 1-800-FLOWERS, or maybe stolen enough hubcaps or sold enough weed to have gone to K-Mart and bought a nice cubic-zirconium-and-silver-plated-stainless-steel tennis bracelet on Lay-Away that she wouldn’t have found out was fake until she tried to pawn it in order to buy diapers and formula (if you had watched English-speaking American TV, you’d have seen that very-popular ploy on Hardcore Pawn every week).

Now, if you need a peek into the sort of mentality that can behave this way, and think itself totally justified in doing what it did, just get a load of what this boy’s Mamma said (through an interpreter, of course):

"I'm not worried, because there is an appeal," said Paguay's mother, Blanca -- though [SIC] a Spanish interpreter -- who attended everyday [SIC]of the 16-day trial and believes the victim was "forced to testify."

In other words, she either believes her little boy is innocent despite the evidence, or more than likely, she feels that he was justified in doing what he did, it was just that this little skank wouldn’t keep her mouth shut and take what she had coming to her. Or, someone other than her son held a gun to her head?

I have seen this sort of attitude from Hispanics, especially Hispanics who come from places where wife- and girlfriend- beating are not only common, but the next-best-thing–to-an-Olympic-fucking-Sport, before. In this sort of machismo culture, men can pretty much do whatever they damned-well please to a woman so long as they say “I love you…” at some point. Usually as a prelude to, or at the conclusion of, the actual violence.  

We’re supposed to believe it’s some sort of weird  “this hurts me more than it hurts you…” dialectic, and then swallow the “…I only knocked out your teeth and shot you in the face because I love you, Darlin’….” excuse, because who are we Americans to judge other cultures by our own standards?

This is America, not Mexico, not El Salvador, not Nicaragua, or Columbia. It ain’t Cuba, Honduras or the Dominican. That shit just doesn’t fly here, esse.

We then find out in a related story (which I had to find in an English – as in British --newspaper, because God Forbid an American one should report just what sort of seriously fucked-up specimens some of these people are), that the woman in question was dating her attacker’s cousin after she gave him the heave-ho (‘Ho’ being the operative word, mayhap?). You want to talk about waving a bloody steak in front of a caged lion?

She is now suing the City of New York for $10 million, because she claims that law enforcement failed to protect her.

Perhaps if Law Enforcement wasn’t busy frisking grandmothers and toddlers at the airport, or spending vast sums on armored vehicles and paramilitary units for East Woody-Buttfuck, Montana, they’d be deporting illegal immigrants who commit serious crimes. Or doing more than giving suspected terrorists (the older of the two Tsarnaev brothers was actually questioned – at the request of another country! – about terrorist ties and activities by the FBI two years ago, and given the proverbial clean bill) a half-assed, routine questioning, we wouldn’t have these problems.

So, law enforcement failed twice: it failed to deport this douchebag, and then it left him free to stab and rape the mother of his (alleged) anchor baby, who, quite frankly, doesn’t seem too smart or savory a character, either. I’m refraining from printing what I found out about her online because she happens to have been the victim of an (alleged) rape, and for damned certain, at least two knife attacks.

The next time I hear a politician in this country talk about “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” I just might go ballistic. The only “Reform” that is needed is that the present laws need to be enforced, and applied with a lot more common sense.

Otherwise, you get Baby-Mama-Stabbing-Psychos and Marathon Bombing “Political Asylum” Seekers, who all live on some form of Welfare and off-the-books work, before they decide that the best way to show their displeasure and utter contempt for their country – the one that gave them housing, education and a shitload of taxpayer dollars - is to blow up an innocent eight year old at a sporting event, or knifing their “beloved” in a supermarket.

And in the process, they shit all over our culture, which truthfully is already in a hell of state because we Americans shit on it first. We hear Americans complain every goddamned day about what a mess this country has become, and it never occurs to them that it’s in this state, mostly, because we refuse to believe that what were once common virtues have been denigrated to the point where they are no longer operative, or even acceptable. If we’re in the crapper, it is in large part because the virtues that once made us unique have been tossed aside as anachronistic, racist, sexist, homophobic, etc, etc.

The price for failing to re-institute that sort of cultural code is measured out in crippled rape victims on the taxpayer dole as far as the eye can see, and people torn asunder by pressure-cooker bombs.

“Comprehensive Immigration Reform” is Washington Crapspeak for Blanket Amnesty, in other words, three lies for the price of one. The democrats who use this euphemism are simply after another take-it-for-granted voting bloc (Latinos dependent on Welfare, just like African-Americans), and the republicans who clamor for it are simply out to make certain that Tom’s Landscaping gets to stay in business by hiring workers off the books who will work for a sandwich and a warm bucket of spit, when they aren't trying to curry favor with an ethnic group that hates their fucking guts just for being fucking gringos.

In neither case are these folks expected to assimilate into the common culture, as immigrants once did, and were once expected to. Hence, honor killings, terrorist attacks, and machismo rage rapes.

It's bad enough that we are suffering from self-inflicted cultural wounds, but do we have to stand for these sorts of things, too? The minute we put sanity back into the immigration system, the sooner we might be able to free ourselves of the specter of homegrown jihadis and several generations of people who believe it's quite okay to stab the mother of your children just because you could back South of the Border. That would give us lots more time -- and resources -- to un-fuck the culture we've just spent two generations fucking up beyond recognition.

Instead, the present government would rather talk about taking away your guns for no other reason than that those in one particular political party fear them. Mostly because neither party has the guts to really say what they mean on the issue of illegal immigration, and no one is listening to the General Public on the subject, either.The unfortunate part of modern American Life is that when something goes awry - a jihadi explodes, a wife gets raped and beaten, the government fails to keep track of who it lets into the country, and why --  it's always the innocent that suffer, usually by having their civil rights eroded, which was the response to 9/11 with the Patriot Act and the creation of Homeland Security, and sometimes, with their very lives.This is a result of the effects which the cults of diversity and cultural relativism have had on American Common Sense, and which have helped to blind most people to the idea that there's evil in the world and that it should be confronted.

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