Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Par For The Course In New Yorkistan...

Shocker: Dem and GOP pols caught in bribery scam to get Dem elected Mayor of New York City on GOP ticket...

Now, what's so shocking is not that a democrat would try to bribe his or her way into office;they do this all the time, as a matter of course. Especially in a place like New York, Chicago, Detroit or Washington, D.C., because the sort of democrat those places seem to breed would never see a democrat elected if he/she had to rely on, oh...their wits, or telling the truth.

What's really surprising in this case is that the New York City GOP, or a goodly number of it's leadership, seems to have conspired to put a democrat (small 'd' intentional) on it's ticket as a mayoral candidate! Go figure! It's no great secret about how dysfunctional and corrupt the NYC GOP is. The shocker is just how easily they were caught. Complacency seems to be the buzzword in new York City politicial circles when it comes to graft.

Unfortunately, someone had to ask Governor Douchebag...err...Andrew Cuomo, who is to politics what Bowser was to Sha Na Na, what he thought of all of this. Predictably, he said this:

"I hope (Smith) fully co-operates with the investigation and I hope the investigation is thorough and speedy and gets to the facts. We have zero tolerance for any violation of the public integrity and the public trust."

So says the do-nothing governor who is still trying to sue the electric companies for being unable to predict and then correct massive hurricane damage on the spot, or as his political fortunes demand. And this guy wants to be President one day? He talks more and says less than Obama. Fuckin' idiot. I'll bet his 'zero tolerance' comment is political code for "hey, where the fuck was my envelope before everyone got caught, Fucktards?"

And apparently, this is business as usual in New York State. Which explains why we have, perhaps, the most embarrassing Congressional representation in all of America. The dems have all gotten where they are through bribery and race-baiting, and the 'pubs probably rig voting machines and buy elections, too..
I'd just as soon lock up all our politicians, just as a precautionary measure, and start installing rhesus monkeys in every position of authority. At least the monkeys might have some integrity and ability.
By the way, I'm certain that on the first day of his trial, Smith will plead that he didn't know any better, being a victim of racism who's 'owed' for the legacy of slavery, and simply following a pattern of behavior (taking shortcuts, breaking the law) that is simply a natural convention in his inner-city culture and upbringing, while it is the Evil White Guys Who Led Him Astray who should be prosecuted as The Real Crooks.

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