Friday, May 31, 2013

Welcome to Zimbabwe, America...

Upon seeing this Mussolini-like pose, struck by a man, who much like it's originator, is also a shallow and hollow human being with few redeeming qualities, I find myself curiously in mind of an age old adage that goes something like this:

One bad apple does not spoil the whole bushel.

I do not know the origin of this phrase, and quite frankly it isn't all that important. However, it is necessary to view the events of the last five years through the prism of this quaint expression, for it is our curse to live in a day and age in which bad apples have become the norm and are hardly the exception.

When one looks at the metaphorical apples and bushels which represent the sum total of America's Obama Experience, it becomes apparent that old saw should be taken out of the lexicon, for it is now becoming a universal truism that today's seeming wisdom will, eventually, become tomorrow's stinking load of bullshit.

Strictly speaking, no decent chef on planet Earth would believe such a thing, that one rotten apple does not endanger those within close proximity. One need only a rudimentary understanding of basic food safety and hygiene (or simply watch any of Gordon Ramsey's infamous and tedious 'Save This Restaurant' mini-dramas) to know that one diseased fruit will eventually spread it's rot to another, rendering the entire batch unsuitable for consumption and poisoning all who partake of the bushel.

And although human beings are not apples, the truth of the Obama Administration has been that rot does, indeed, spread, whether we're talking fruit or people. For the Obama administration has been nothing if not a constant parade of proverbial bad apples.

It is an administration with bad apples in it's foundations, built upon the Clinton-era retreads who somehow manage to avoid jail and summary street execution. Whether it is the Hildebeest herself as Secretary of State, Rahm Emanuel as one-time Chief of Staff, or Eric Holder,  the Attorney General who believes the law doesn't apply to his self-pitying self, the cavalcade of Clintonista bad apples was there from the beginning to taint whatever came after it. This should have been your first indication that something was terribly wrong.

Of course, Obama brought his own bad apples with him, too.

There's Mrs. Obama, naturally, the unrepentant racist and would be Marie-Antoinette, who apparently still can't find anything to like about her country, except that it pays it's hotel bills on time and lets her vacation every few weeks in a new, and more exotic location. There were the terrorists-cum-political-impresarios Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorhn who helped launch the marketing campaign that was Barack Obama in their own living room. There was the 'Reverend' Jeremiah Wright, the fire-spitting preacher who can't go five seconds without interpreting any Scripture passage to mean "Whitey is the enemy". Ask yourself these questions in all seriousness: Would you let Valerie Jarret walk your dog unattended and without a crash helmet? (for the dog, of course, as Jarret's head seems to be made of the most resilient granite). Would you trust David Axelrod to take a three year old to the crapper and bring him back unmolested?

Does Janet Napolitano strike you as especially responsible, or even moderately bright? Would you follow Austan Goolsbee through your own front door? Don't you secretly believe they give Joe Biden an all-day sucker and a coloring book to keep him occupied all day long?

These are or were his "closest advisers"... at least they are until Obama needs to toss one under the proverbial bus, of course.

One would hardly be fair if one did not take into consideration the current temperament and orthodoxies of the modern democrat (small 'd' intentional) party -- certainly a formative experience on Obama -- which feeds itself and it's faithful on a steady diet of unadulterated, USDA-on-the-hoof bovine scatological matter. Why, one would be blind if one believed that the Party istelf doesn't represent a sort of corrupted fruit.

It rails against racism and yet tolerates a Congressional Black Caucus, an organization that fairly screams racism and (self-)segregation. It takes seriously supposed Men of the Cloth -- you know who you are $harpton and Je$$e Jack$son -- who espouse the most Un-Christian-like viewpoints, while it does it's level best to destroy any vestiges of religious belief. It is an organization that pats itself on it's back for it's commitment to 'Diversity' while doing everything in it's power to pull people apart by gender, sexual orientation, race, economic class and educational level and then it condemns any idea it finds questionable or unorthodox as 'Hate Speech', particularly if the mouthpiece is any or all of the following White/Male/Christian/Heterosexual/Conservative.

Liberals, you see, can only really ever tolerate other liberals, and "Diversity" to them means something other than what it says in Mirriam-Webster's. Just what it means to them changes all the time as that becomes necessary or convenient.

The personalities of the modern democratic party, with it's tax cheaters who have made a career out of insisting there is one set of rules for the Underclass, and another for the Privileged (see: Rangel, Solis, Geithner), it's dumb-as-dogshit would-be superstars (see: Pelosi, Reid, either Clinton, more Kennedys than Lee Harvey could kill in a weekend of hard labor, Cuomos, The Irish-Setter-Retarded-Racebaiting Waters',. Ellisons and Cummings', the ditzy crash-test-dummy qualities of a Wasserman-Schultz, the dickpic twittering Weiners, the spotlight-hogging Schumers) are shining examples that the theories of Paracelsus and the Experiments of Pasteur were correct: that when exposed to enough rot, disease, decay, mold, or pathogens, all things eventually become infected. You could hardly start out consciously to collect a worse bushel of bad apples with effort.

Then there's Obama, himself, of course. A man of no particular talents (the bullshit about the 'Great Orator" is a load of nonsense: Obama only reads from a teleprompter what others -- probably smart White Guys --put there for him), and of even fewer principles, to judge from the number of 'Present' votes on his record. Well, at least that part of his record we're allowed to see, that is. I'd still like to see his grades from Columbia and Harvard, to really see just what sort of intellect he has, and how he managed to achieve such lofty credentials in America's finest universities. Hell, it's still a matter of contention as to whether or not we've actually seen his birth certificate, for some.

This is a man who came to prominence on the back of three ghost-written 'autobiographies' that all later turned out to be a) gross exaggerations, or b) outright lies. He couldn't possibly have been the most-fortunate recipient of an extraordinary amount of Affirmative Action and Political Correctness gone wild, could he? I mean, to believe that Obama had simply been passed on from one great university to another; become the editor of the Harvard Law Review without having submitted a single article; become a Constitutional Scholar without apparently having even read said document; to have become President of the United States with a resume so thin you wouldn't hire him to run the night shift at Taco Bell, is simply too impossible an idea to wrap one's head around.

Unless you take his word for it...because to do otherwise would be racist, or something, right? And then you get the IRS sicced on you.

Of course, it's far too late to start worrying about Obama's qualifications, talents, background, temperament and ideology now, isn't it? Not after he's been elected and re-elected, and has subjected the country to the sort of regime one would expect to find in, dare I say it?, one of the worst of the African-style Tin Pot dictatorships. We've seen it enough, already.

I mean, a black president who decides that it's perfectly alright for a formerly-Constitutional Republic to simply appropriate the fruit of the productive -- the Good Apples, if you'll allow me to extend the metaphor a bit more -- to give to the Bad Apples -- the unions, the welfare queens, the illegal aliens, the cronies and sycophants that grovel at his feet and those who hope to curry the mercurial favor of the regime (i.e. the Obama power base) -- certainly doesn't reek of the stench of Idi Amin, right?

Of course, demonizing the Good Apples when they (rightfully) complain about having their property stolen, calling them racists, imperialists, selfish, greedy, and uncaring, or unleashing the secret police -- or the DoJ or IRS -- upon them in retaliation, both as punishment and as a warning to others is about as far away from Robert Mugabe's playbook as one might imagine, no?

All that posturing, in which Obama pretends to be a being so highly-evolved as to be above petty partisan and political tricks -- a man who only seeks conciliation and brotherhood and peace and all that good stuff -- and simultaneously, the tenacious political-back-alley-knife-fighter and agitator who reassures his adoring (but incredibly stupid) throngs that "their" time has finally come, that they will finally be in a position to stick it to their former racial, class and political enemies, doesn't smack of Nelson Mandela, does it? Nary a whiff of that disgusting combination of pathological loathing for The Other mingled with an overwhelming sense of Self-pity and Entitlement divorced from reality, right?

What we have seen in the last few months, the lies of Benghazi, the abuse of power by both the Department of Justice and the IRS, the punishment of political dissenters, the secret browbeating of the Free Press (or whatever remains of the Free Press in this country), the continued destruction of the Middle Class for the benefit of the Lowest Class of All, the collectivization of more and more of American Life, the centralization of power in the hands of fewer, less-accountable, more-politically-animated people (did I forget to mention the 35 or so 'Czars' that nobody voted for, nor can identify?) is what happens in Third World shitholes. The Adoration of the Leader that is evident in the past fawning press coverage of Barack Obama is another clue to our descent into African dictatorship hell. The continuing exaltation of the brain-dead footsoldiers the movement depends upon (i.e the lazy, halt, lame and douchebags of a dozen stripes) continues unabated, exactly as it does in Soweto.

The former Media worship of the empty suit with a golden teleprompter that was Barack Obama was also another unmistakable signpost on our reckless road into a Zimbabwe-like state. In such societies, the Press is behind the Strongman Du Jour, or it gets shot. Although one begins to have some small hope that this will begin to change; the Press which bartered it's journalistic integrity for the opportunities for "access" and preferential treatment may be having second thoughts. But that was only because the apparatus of the rogue state was finally turned upon them. The Little Buggers of the Fourth Estate are so fucking predictable: the Great leader may inflict whatever sadism he wishes upon The Peasants, and it will go completely ignored, until, of course, the Great Leader decides they either need to be put in their place, too, or have simply outlived their usefulness.

After all, who needs revolutionaries -- even fake, self-serving ones -- after the Revolution is over, right? They served their purpose, and now it's their turn to behold what they helped wrought.

And so here we sit, baked into the Rhetorical Apple Pie (that quintessentially American confection) that is our Modern Country. It is a pie which has been baked in a crust made of tissue paper (the idea that Barack Obama was something different), leavened with a political ideology that is poisonously hypocritical and cynical (the democrat party), sweetened not with sugar but with a pale substitute in which slick talk, flashy media campaigns, endlessly de-constructed and re-constructed talking points washed through eight layers of bureaucracy press departments passes for Divine Wisdom, where Truth -- once the most important ingredient -- has to be sacrificed because it has too much cholesterol in it to suit ObamaCare. We trusted the baker and his assistants to do the right things, and to bake us a tasty little morsel that we could all enjoy.

But instead they have packed the pie with rotten apples; stinking, sour, slimy, spotted, wormy apples, and then, in a pique of arrogance, tossed it right into our faces. Like the taste, America? You should: you hired the baker, and payed for the ingredients. Twice.

Serves you all right if the filling makes you sick or if the crumbs are stuck in your throat.

But, getting back to the title of this screed, if this were Zimbabwe, then ultimately the natives would get restless -- what they were promised never materializes, they starve in greater numbers, the government gets bigger and more openly corrupt, the Divine Champion of All retreats into a bubble of Yes Men and fantasy, detached from the events of the real world, swayed by the delectable exercise of absolute power without consequence, which to quote another old saw, we know corrupts absolutely. Eventually, there would be the usual rigamarole that accompanies the collapse of an African-style fascist state, which is to say, the tribesmen take to the streets, happily butchering one another with machetes, until another charismatic douchebag with ill intentions comes along to shout a new chorus of "Imperialism! Racism! Unfairness!", only with a newer and more catchy beat.

The Old Dictator manages to escape to France (they all seem to find their way there, don't they?) living on stolen and extorted money until old age and erectile dysfunction finally do them in.

However, this is America, and instead of going apeshit insane and slaughtering our "enemies", real or imagined, with rusty farm implements, we simply wait around and gripe and complain and occasionally raise our voices, until we have another election, where predictably, we get another charismatic douchebag to sing the same old songs on the American Hit parade of the last 30 years -- Birth Control! Gay Marriage! The Deficit! The Ten Commandments! Gun Control! The Era of Big Government is Over/Renewed! Abortion! It's for the Children! Terrorism, Terrorism, Terrorism! -- to a whole new beat. It hardly matters whether the new douche is a republican or a democrat; the two have become indistinguishable, except in as to whom they happen to give your (stolen) money to, and under what ideologically acceptable circumstances.

Which brings us to two other old adages:

There is nothing new under the Sun. And,

Those who fail to learn the lessons of History are doomed to repeat them.

Congratulations, American Voter: you have turned a once-great country into a pale shadow of Mozambique. If we're lucky, we can elect a new mess of ersatz republicans next time around -- and dare we dream? -- maybe aspire to be only slightly-less-fucked-up and freer than The Congo in another decade, assuming ObamaCare doesn't infect us all with AIDS by virtue of bureaucratic imperative.

Think about all of this before you vote again. You can either choose to live in America again one day, or you can choose to live in (insert name of failed dictatorship run by a charismatic-but-otherwise-unqualified-asswipe-here), where they all have distended bellies and drink from the same puddles the herd animals piss in. The choice is really that stark, and it really is that important.

If there's anything five years of Obamatard have proven (again) it is that (oh no, not another adage!) All that Glitters is Not Gold because shit shines when it's wet, too.

Here endeth the lesson.

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