Sunday, June 30, 2013

What Rachel Jeantel Means to America...

The misshapen lump of flesh to the left is one Rachel Jeantel, who, according to most media reports, is the 'star' witness in the murder case against George Zimmerman, the man accused of having stalked and murdered a young black kid in Florida.

The Trayvon Martin Case has caused a great deal of  tumultuous debate in America, most of it of the stupid sort. What else could one expect? For the case is a microcosm, in many ways, of just what is wrong with many aspects of modern life in this country. Racial hatred, an irresponsible press, opportunistic 'Civil Rights' figures, ready-to-jump-on-bandwagons politicians, overeager prosecutors, a vastly misinformed citizenry, a legal system which creaks under the weight of it's own obsession with minutiae...

And then there's Miss Jeantel.

She has become the visible pustule that signifies the presence of the underlying disease. Depending upon which side of the fence you're on, Rachel Jeantel is a representative of a vast American sub-class of mentally stunted human beings, a ghetto heroine, a poor child caught up in circumstances beyond her control, a shining example of how the unionized American education system has failed our children, yet another example of why we should close our borders, a victim of her own stupidity, the plaything of a vicious prosecution team, a victim of a wantonly racist defense attorney.

I am not here to make pronouncements on the guilt or innocence of George Zimmerman, nor to take a stab at interpreting a jumbled mass of seemingly-contradictory legal mumbo-jumbo that makes it perfectly clear just why Floridians had such a hard time voting with a sharp object in 2000.In fact, I find everything about this farce of a trial to be contrived, over-dramatized, and flat out ridiculous. After all, Trayvon Martin is no special case; Black people are murdered every day in America. The only difference is that in this case it isn't another Black person accused of having committed the crime.

Such is Life in these here United States circa 2013. An (alleged) murder is not an outrage...unless, of course, the victim and perpetrator happen to be of a different race. Then it's an event on par with The Holocaust. If Zimmerman and Martin hadn't happened to have different colored skins, then this whole thing might just have been another case of Nothing to See Here. No different than 1,000 other (alleged) murders a week.

And if that idea isn't disgusting and depressing enough for you, try this one on for size; the Press coverage of this sordid tale has reached an all-time low, one that makes those who are watching it with at least three functioning brain cells begin to wonder just what sort of twisted, warped, depraved, degraded society we find ourselves living in. The television is overflowing with editorial disguised as news reporting, delivered by complete dumbasses with perfectly-coiffed hair, surrounded by a cavalcade of even bigger assholes: jury consultants, legal experts, academics, attorneys of a dozen stripes, commentators who presume to know everything and who have an opinion on everything, only to be proven wrong the next day. It makes one despair of the possibility of anyone ever getting a fair trial on any charge in America, should your case somehow manage to make a headline in even the most obscure corners of the country. More than George Zimmerman's freedom is at stake here, more than the facts of an alleged murder case; we're seeing what happens when a broken legal system, a pernicious sub-culture, a politicized press, a circumstance where everything that is televised or broadcast does little more than create complete confusion, and a craven and opportunistic political class all collide to create a mess which is far larger than the sum of it's parts.

But, we're here to discuss Rachel Jeantel, the last person to speak to Martin, the person who was, we're told, actually on the phone with Martin when the scuffle that would eventually cost him his life broke out. She is pretty much the closest thing we have to an eyewitness to the events of just a few seconds before everything went to hell and some kid got his chest blown open at close range. What about her? What does her story, her part in this case, have to say about Life in America?

In no particular order:

Politically: if you're a liberal democrat, you are happy to see Rachel Jeantel, regardless of the outcome of the trial, which, politically-speaking, is unimportant unless it gives you a hammer to use against White Men (and Zimmerman, alas, is Hispanic!). What you have seen on your television screen gives you hope for the future of your party and your ideology, anyway. For Rachel Jeantel is, in all respects, the liberal democrat ideal; she's obviously stupid, illiterate, her life seems to revolve around her Twitter and Facebook feeds, and these are heavily laced with references to drugs, alcohol, and getting high. She is another welfare queen in training. It would not surprise, I think, anyone in America who was watching her two days of testimony, if Jeantel became yet one more baby-making, welfare-sucking, navel-gazing, nose-picking blob of protoplasm with a voter registration card. Easy pickings for the next generation of democrats seeking a life-long career in electoral politics from whence to continue to do enormous damage to a country they secretly hate.

Rachel Jeantel is proof positive that all the work that rabid leftards have done, beginning with the New Deal, has begun to pay dividends beyond their wildest dreams. So long as there are Rachel Jeantels around -- people who haven't got the same sense that God gave an Irish Setter, uneducated despite enormous expense to the taxpayer, walking about with a sense of entitlement, with a bad attitude, with a barely-concealed racist streak a mile wide -- then every good little knuckle-dragging communist in America can sleep easier most nights. Now you know why Barack Obama a) got elected, and then b) re-elected. There are obviously stupid people in this country who are allowed to vote, to our detriment, who will continue to pump out future generations of even dumber people who will be allowed to vote. Ideologically, she is a treasure trove; in that condescending, back-handed, reverse-racist way that that all libs have about them, one might use her to make the case that unshackled abortion is good for America, or to continue to decry the apparent inequities in American Life.

.She's at least five episodes of The Maury Povich Show in the making, I figure. Only a matter of time before she shows up seeking yet another free DNA test to pin down her Baby Daddies.

If you're a conservative republican (of the non-Marco Rubio vein), then Rachel Jeantel serves a variety of purposes for you, too. She's the example you hold up to indicate what is wrong with American society, beginning with the obvious -- the broken, unionized, taxpayer-funded educational system -- and ending with her as an example of how far American culture has fallen. She is everything to you, as well: she is the face of the New Black Racism; the proof that unfettered immigration (legal or no) is bad for the country; she is the new poster child for why The American Way (of 1950) is the Right Way; she frightens you; she disgusts you; she proves that 80 years of welfare state-ism and social engineering have done little more than to turn people into Food-Stamp-using, Government-cheese-eating retards.She is the distant echo of the Katrina People; someone, probably, too stupid to even act in her own self-interest...mostly because she's incapable of defining and understanding the concept.

Immigration: Jeantel is an immigrant, whether legal or no, I have no clue, and personally I couldn't care less about that from this point of view; regardless of where she came from, however she got here, Jeantel hasn't assimilated into the broader American culture, and shows no willingness or even necessity to do so. Part of this is by design: new generations of American immigrants are actively discouraged from assimilating, mostly because there's money and votes to be had for keeping them separate, and because the fear, envy, greed, and a sense of entitlement is politically useful, regardless of what side of the isle you live on.

I do know this much: Jeantel is an example of something I've said repeatedly over the years, and have had my libtard friends pooh-pooh as the most obnoxious racist claptrap: there's a reason why places like Haiti (where Jeantel's family has come from), and Mexico are shitholes -- because they are absolutely chock-full of Haitians and Mexicans. If Haitians and Mexicans were smart, motivated and industrious people (as many Immigration Apologists would have you believe), who had a vibrant (and I mean this in the sense that goes beyond colorful tribal dances, and spicy food, which is about as far as most libtard's thinking carries them) societies, they a) would have populations willing to stay home, and b) having stayed home, would have created societies that rival, or perhaps even surpass, our own.

Instead, we're getting the bottom of the barrel, and they're coming here not, as some might argue, for a taste of 'freedom' and 'a better way of life'; they're here for the welfare, to suck the lifeblood of the American taxpayer. And what do we -- native-born Americans who pay the taxes and have to compete with lower-wage, unskilled workers -- get for it? We're treated to the spectacle of a complete doofus on the witness stand for two days, a seeming drooling idiot who admits that she uses racial invective, admits that she's a drug and alcohol abuser, who cannot even read a letter she dictated to another person, nor identify the contents of that letter as being her own thoughts. She has told investigators several, conflicting stories. She has been combative as a witness. One might even argue that she has taken a morbid delight in her role as 'star witness for the prosecution', enjoying a macabre-yet- minor celebrity.

From what the evidence of my own eyes, ears, experience and intellect have collected, Rachel Jeantel is a dead weight, a mere blob of protoplasm, who one could argue might not even be aware of her own heartbeat and breathing. She simply exists. She is dead space, a hole in the air, the embodiment of entropy. This may be dreadfully unfair of me, for I do not personally know the girl, but you have to be the most nimble of mental gymnasts to refute the evidence and believe otherwise.

Socially/Culturally: Jeantel is a social nightmare. She is also the perfect empty vessel into which one might pour whatever mental diarrhea one could contrive into.

If you're a feminist or racial huckster of the Jackson/Sharpton school, she's a victim. If you're a defender of Western Culture, she is the avatar of the Anti-Western Cultural barbarian at the gates. If you're one of those phony-baloney-see-the-best-in-everyone types she's a poor (300-pound) waif, an unsophisticated person dropped against her will into a drama not of her own making. She's the enemy of all that is right and proper. She is the paragon of the disinterested (Black) sub-culture. She is a paradox: an illiterate who can somehow master the arcane electronic arts of a cellphone, Twitter and Facebook. She's a propagandist's dream come true, or alternately, your worst fears come to life.

I've seen people on the idiot box declare that she has either put the final nails in George Zimmerman's coffin, or allowed Zimmerman to skate on the charges against him. She is either a compelling witness, or a complete dunce who cannot describe the sound of wet grass in a way that satisfies both the seeker of absolute truth, or the philosophically-inclined. Jeantel, some say, is a confused young lady, or a misunderstood person who comes from a toxic miasmic background being questioned (some might say 'pestered') by people who couldn't even begin to fully understand her.

She is a puzzle, wrapped in an enigma, draped by a conundrum? Bullshit. Rachel Jeantel is way too easy to figure out.

Jeantel is a flaming idiot who probably doesn't have enough sense not to stick hat pins into her own eyeballs, on a good day, She is representative of a degraded and dangerous sub-culture which not only exists in America, but which has been deliberately fostered, excused away, given the veneer of sacredness by generations of racial apologists, academics, psychologists, courts and politicians. She is a drag on an educational system which has so obviously wasted a great deal of money in making her functionally illiterate. She has become entertainment; she is either something to be made fun of, or something to debate. I find her completely disgusting and a true barometer of What's Wrong With America. My opinion is that the sooner we rid ourselves of the Jeantels of the world, the better off as a society we'll be.

I would rid us of these well-manicured, ill-mannered tumors by employing the program of Benign Neglect which the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan once proposed. If certain subsets of the American culture were forced to either sink or swim, to rise on their own merits, or fall due to a lack of same, then we most likely wouldn't be pulling our hair out over a Trayvon Martin and the disreputable cast of characters who seem to have orbited him. Some might say that is a cruel thing to say, but I could give a gold-plated turd. The damage done to civil society, to the political and legal systems, to the taxpayer, by people much like Jeantel far outweighs any offense I might give by making such a statement, I reckon.

After that, I'd plant a minefield along the southern border, and order the Coast Guard to start machine-gunning anything on a raft headed for American shores.

As for the guilt or innocence of George Zimerman, I haven't a clue. I have some ideas on what may have transpired that evening, but I will freely admit that I know nothing of the 'facts' of this case (whatever they may be), and that the basis upon which my interpretation of events is based may well be biased. All I know is that it appears a case is being tried with imperfect evidence for political purposes, and that most of those probably revolve around avoiding a massive riot by Florida's black population, which might even threaten to spill over into neighboring states. It is under such circumstances that such an apparent  waste of gametes as Rachel Jeantel becomes a prosecution's 'star witness', and only proves herself to be a 'star wit-less'.

The prosecutor in this case would have done well to plead Zimmerman out a long time ago, methinks.

But then again, thanks to overzealous, politically-motivated, over-reaching prosecutions like this one, we get to watch the living circus that is Rachel Jeantel. If it were up to me, I'd deport her just as soon as was humanly possible, and twist the legal system to do it in much the same way the legal system has been so evidently tortured to bring Zimmerman to trial.

And then I'd beat Marco Rubio and his Gang of Eight over the heads with a two-by-four before they finally succeed in destroying a once-great country by the wholesale importation of Jeantels..


Anonymous said...

It is not just an American problem, it is a problem of Britain, Canada, Australia. How did we allow these libtards a voice, now they are in control of all media. The BBC in the UK is filled with liberals whose only experience of immigrants is as cheap house cleaners or a new 'foreign' restaurant whose food is rich and spicy.

They have no idea of the destruction of the education, health, pension, housing and benefit systems of the ordinary English citizen caused by African labour. If the African was such a valuable commodity then Africa would be leaps and bounds ahead of the West. But after billions upon billions being poured over years and years into the most fertile continent on earth Africa they still can't get off their fat asses and feed and water themselves.

So our murdering, thieving government and members of parliament can feel good about themselves as they destroy our culture and civilization, we have to put up with crime and hate from these blacks.

Anonymous said...

She is a Degenerative Disgusting Train Wreck.

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

The truly disgusting thing is; Rachel is a truly valued image of black beauty in the "hood" culture. She's not fat - she's "thick". She's not stupid, she's "slow". And she'll probably breed like a rat.

Actually, she looks better on the box of pancake mix than she does on TV. Just give her a blue or red do-rag, a bottle of her cousin's buttery syrup and watch her go to work. Yum yum yum.

Matthew said...

Why, Grease...that was almost deliciously vicious!