Thursday, December 05, 2013

145 Reasons Why Liberals Suck...

My, how far we have come! It seems like only yesterday (I believe it was 2003) when this meme began here on this site with a short list of 50 Reasons Why Liberals Suck, and the last decade has proven -- once again -- that liberalism (small 'l' intentional) is the gift that just keeps on giving.

Like AIDS.

This new fusillade of anti-Libtard observations was prompted by a website (which shall remain nameless, because it's a virtual internet sewer of stupidity) that re-posted one of the earlier iterations of it without my permission nor a back-link, violating, at the very least, internet etiquette rules, which resulted in my mailbox being jammed with angry and derisive e-mails from people who are happy to tell you that while they appreciate and wish to defend Free Speech, what I've posted equates to a permission slip for any crackpot to kill a liberal on sight, and as such, should be condemned as Hate Speech for having the potential to incite violence.

You can read the last iteration of this list here. For now, the new-and-improved list has been bolstered by the addition of 20 new maxims about liberals and their wrong-headed policies. Without further ado, here are 145 reasons Why Liberals Suck.

1. Liberalism is a movement of the well-intentioned, but ill-informed, led by the well-informed and ill-intentioned.

2. At heart, a liberal is an eternal adolescent, forever in search of escape from conventional morality, consequences and responsibility.

3. Freedom from moral consequence can only be secured by a collectivist, totalitarian state.

4. The Liberal religion worships the twin gods of The Government and The Genitalia. 

5. A Liberal believes that psychology is a hard science in the same way that physics and chemistry are hard sciences.

6. Freedom, to a Liberal, refers solely to the freedom of the genitalia.

7. All non-sexual individual freedoms are despised by the Liberal because they contain within them an element of personal responsibility, self-sacrifice, or abstention.

8. Collectivism seeks to eliminate the need for personal responsibility and moral consequence by shifting blame for failure from the individual to "society" or "the System".

9. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are the enemy of the Liberal. Because they are clear in their elaboration of both the rights of the Individual and the Powers of Government, both documents must be subverted, re-interpreted, or ignored, as needed.

10. The Liberal hates the United States because it has been the premier guarantor and promoter of individual rights in the history of mankind.

11. All institutions – schools, environMENTAL organizations, Civil Rights Groups, Law courts, Markets, etc., serve no relevant purpose to a Liberal except when they can be made to promote the concept of the collective.

12. Abortion is necessary to guarantee genital freedom and to further erode the concept of personal responsibility, while eliminating future generations of less-desirable human beings.

14. The Liberal must create an atmosphere of perpetual crisis, fear, and envy in order to justify continued collectivist oppression.

15. Religion is the enemy of the Liberal since it promotes morality and responsibility and suggests an authority set above Government.

16. Despite decades of failure, the Liberal clings to his collectivist ideology because it is HIS religion.

17. Liberals seek to dominate any institution that can be used to undermine or eliminate parental rights, such as schools, child-abuse agencies, pediatric associations, etc. and which can be used to turn children into informants for the State against their own parents.

18. The Liberal seeks to sanction and jail those who dare to home school their children, or who have the balls and wherewithal to raise their children in an environment outside of Liberal control or influence.

19. Individual ownership of firearms is the greatest threat to collectivism and the greatest expression of individual rights, therefore, all Liberals despise guns.

20. All freedoms demand responsible behavior. The Liberal despises responsibility, therefore, he despises freedom.

21. A Liberal worships his pantheon of Kennedys, Clintons, Cuomos, Jacksons, Gores and Obamas, for WHO they are, and in spite of WHAT they are.

22. The Liberal despises National Sovereignty, which is a guarantor of individual freedoms.

23. The Liberal promotes international government, such as the United Nations and the European Union, which seek to destroy National Sovereignty. The Soviet Union did not collapse, it merely moved west.

24. The Liberal is obsessed with the idea of centralized control of all human endeavors.

25. Liberals often speak of tolerance but can only tolerate other Liberals.

26. Liberals seek to criminalize any speech promoting responsibility, morality, or individualism as "hate speech" or sedition.

27. To a liberal, the thought cannot be separated from the deed -- unless one of his or her own is thinking or doing it.

28. Environmentalists lie as a matter of course, promoting paranoia based upon verifiable falsehood.

29. A Liberal’s only method of discourse is to insult and discredit all who disagree with him. Failing that, they attempt to draw attention away from the subject at hand by "moving on" and changing the subject.

30. Your freedom is a Liberal’s oppression.

31. Private property and wealth are disgusting and distasteful concepts to a Liberal -- unless they should have more than you do.

32. Liberals hate freedom-loving people with a passion bordering on mania.

33. The Liberal seeks to replace a moral world-view with an emotional one which can be more easily manipulated for political ends.

34. A Liberal claims to "care" for the homeless, mentally ill, lame, lazy and shiftless, but would never invite one of them into their own home.

35. The Liberal typically chooses a career – law, psychology, academic, bureaucrat, "activist", which produces nothing of value and which uses the power of government to extract the wealth of others.

36. Liberal "programs" enrich Liberals and screw the people they were purportedly supposed to help.

37. Liberals despise masculinity, as they view it as a symbol of individual freedom and power.

38. Feminist groups exist to promote lesbianism and socialism and have nothing to do with "equal rights".

39. The EEOC and Civil Rights groups regularly invent incidents of racism and discrimination in order to justify its existence and to promote the collectivist ideals regarding employment and equality-of-outcome-type Liberal programs or thought.

40. Liberals despise suburbs as the manifestation of individual property and prosperity -- but seem to have no such qualms about gentrifying ghettos. 

41. Liberals hate marriage and the family because they are institutions that strengthen the bonds between individuals -- leaving no room for collectivism -- and because they are institutions which frown upon immorality.

42. Liberals despise the automobile as a symbol of personal freedom.

43. Other diseases kill far more people, but Liberals are obsessed with AIDS because it is the consequence of promiscuity and immorality.

44. Liberal activities are driven by ego and a need for self-satisfaction. A liberal believes and does the things he does because he must prove that he "cares" more than you do.

45. Liberals thrive on emotion and die by reason.

46. Anything espoused by a Liberal as "for the children" is a direct assault upon your family, your privacy, your wallet and your rights.

47. Liberals have no compunction against using violence, deceit, or oppression if it furthers the collectivist cause.

48. Liberals are elitists who routinely exempt themselves from the very rules and suggested behaviors they impose on everyone else.

49. A Liberal must accept as an article of faith that my gun has killed more people than Ted Kennedy’s car or Janet Reno's ATF and FBI.

50. Liberals believe that Geraldo Rivera, Katie Couric, Dan Rather, and Oprah Winfrey are "journalists".

51. Liberals howl if a "protected" group is offended by speech or action, but will remain dead silent if the offended happen to be any of the following: Christians, White Males, Heterosexuals or Taxpayers.

52. Liberals believe wealth is static and quantifiable, and that that it should be divided equally. So, if I have "too much money", it follows that I must have stolen someone else’s "fair share".

53. Liberals believe that Richard Nixon was a vile criminal but that Stalin, Mao, and Fidel Castro are "progressive" leaders who had only the best of intentions.

54. All Liberal ideologies tend towards worldwide totalitarianism.

55. A Liberal is quite ready to point out misconduct by a member of a group opposed to them, but will routinely excuse even more vile behavior by their own.

56. Liberals are obsessed with the theory of evolution because the alternatives terrify them.

57. A full-time, stay-at-home mother enrages a Liberal.

58. Human life is cheap in a Liberal world.

59. The Liberal routinely changes the definition of a word to suit his purpose. For example, you have the "choice" to abort your unborn children, but not the "choice" of smoking, owning a gun, or buying an SUV.

60. A Liberal cannot conceive of a problem that cannot be solved without Government intervention. Although more often than not, Government Action created the problem in the first place.

61. Hillary Clinton's village is a totalitarian state: it used to be called the Soviet Union.

62. Given the chance, a Liberal would ban the Bible, Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Tom Sawyer as "hate speech".

63. Liberals view people as objects without moral motivation, thus we have the welfare state, abortion rights, etc. Conversely, they view inanimate objects in strictly moral terms, thus they are able to vilify and impart motives to firearms, cigarettes, SUV's, corporations, etc.

64. "Third Way" politics is a new shade of lipstick on the same Socialist pig.

65. Liberals are often intolerant, immature, violent thugs, laboring under the misapprehension that they do what they do for "social and moral causes" or "justice"..

66. The Liberal would sooner pluck out his own eye than to cut a tax.

67. Liberals still believe that Marx was right, despite the evidence to the contrary.

68. Hitler was a Socialist, not a Fascist and certainly NOT a Conservative.

69. Liberals believe that AIDS kills people because prevention and treatment services are underfunded, and not because people behave irresponsibly.

70. Liberals detest the death penalty, but favor abortion, thus setting up the convoluted idea that it’s okay to save the guilty and kill the innocent.

71. Liberals believe that trial lawyers are selfless heroes and that doctors are overpaid robber barons.

72. A Liberal believes that gender roles are "imposed by society" and that homosexuality is "normal" behavior.

73. A Liberal believes that business creates oppression and that Government creates wealth.

74. To a Liberal, self-esteem, the concept, is far more important than doing anything to actually earn some.

75. A Liberal regularly engages in symbolism because if he told the truth, no one would listen.

76. Liberals hate the NRA for their defense of the Second Amendment, and praise the ACLU for their perversion of the First .

77. To a Liberal, Taxes are too low and ATM fees are too high.

78. Racial profiling by police departments is wrong, but perfectly acceptable for deciding who gets into Law School.

79. The only difference between a Liberal and a Communist is that a Communist is AWARE of what he is doing.

80. Continued Liberal support for the shiftless, lazy, halt, lame, and crippled is necessary because they are the groups most easily manipulated by fear and envy.

81. Any proposal to build "low-income" housing is applauded by a Liberal, unless, of course, someone chooses to build it on the Upper West Side, or Malibu Beach.

82. In Liberal math, an 8% increase in government spending on any favored program rather than the usual-and-customary 10% increase equates to a 2% "cut" in funding, which somehow always results in someone starving or dying unnecessarily.

83. All of society’s ills can be cured by "education" inside a union-run institution that does no such thing.

84. All Liberals use words like "Ethnocentric", "jingoistic", "homophobic" and "trans-gendered" at least three times a day.

85. All Liberals have a primal urge to refer to any idea that they cannot comprehend -- or merely dislike -- as "sexist", "racist", "homophobic", etc.

86. A Liberal finds it perfectly acceptable to dispense condoms in a public school, but would cry bloody murder if the package had the Ten Commandments printed on it.

87. A Liberal advocates the killing of human beings (abortion) and the preservation of wildlife.

88. A Liberal feels that the only thing wrong with Communist States of the past was NOT that they were founded upon a flawed political ideology and engaged in awful repression, but rather that the results would have been far different if only the RIGHT Communists had been available to run them.

89. A Liberal believes that character doesn’t count...because they very often have none.

90. A Liberal will tell you that the First Amendment protects those that burn a flag, protest at a dead soldier's funeral, or beat up a Tea Party activist, and in the same breath, insist that Rush Limbaugh promotes "hate speech".

91. A Liberal would like to see the National Anthem replaced with the "Two Minutes Hate".

92. Liberals have such high opinions of themselves, their motives, and their ideas, that they would have you believe that the rest of us actually want to live in a world with dirty air and water, hip-deep in starving schoolchildren and dying elderly people..

93. Human nature does not exist to a Liberal, and when it routinely manifests itself, it is routinely ignored, and if possible, legislated and taxed.

94. Liberals view people in the same way a sculptor views a lump of clay, or a block of marble.

95. Liberals believe that man is inherently malleable and that all that’s needed is the proper training of man to enact to collectivist vision of the universe.

96. Loyalty is a concept foreign to most Liberals because it entails responsibility.

97. Ethics can be easily dispensed with in a Liberal world if they conflict with the creation of the collective.

98. Euphemism is the language of a Liberal, and symbolism is his modus operandi. Clarity and actual accomplishments are the enemies of Liberalism because Liberalism thrives on vagueness and the emotional aspects of "struggle".

99. Liberals believe that criminals should have more rights than law-abiding citizens.

100. Liberals routinely invent extra-Constitutional rights in order to further their agenda (i.e. abortion, gender and racial preferences, etc.) and routinely invent "repressed groups" in order to expand the power of the State (i.e. homosexuals, minorities, illegal immigrants, etc.) or to subvert the power of established institutions (i.e. the Church, family, nationalism, etc.).

101. Most Liberals would feel more shame in standing to attention during the National Anthem then they would in stealing from a Poor Box.

102. Socialism works...until you run out of other people's money.

103. A Libtard refuses to acknowledge that anything which breathes, eats, shits and multiplies from the moment of conception is alive. If those are not the most basic functions of Life, I don't know what is.

104. Libtards defend an economic policy which has consisted of taking $1.5 trillion out of the credit markets for bank bailouts and questionable Stimulus plans, keeping the printing presses at the Mint going 24/7/365, debasing the currency through "Quantitative Easing", spending tax dollars that have yet to be collected twice and then borrowing $5 trillion more in order to pay for programs which create no wealth, salable goods or products or private sector jobs, and which do not generate any tax income whatsoever is a responsible plan for 'recovery'.

105. Libtards subsidize poverty and advocate for policies which discourage productive work, denigrate the profit motive and capitalism, and then claim to be the champions and guardians of the very perpetual poverty class they've created.

106. Liberals believe that a man who simply reads the words written by others and fed to him by a teleprompter is the Greatest Orator since Cicero.

107. Government 'investments' are simply transfers of wealth that are intended to dispose of industrial surplus, resources, and labor, without that expenditure ever leading to a rise in real living standards. You could just as easily bake millions of loaves of bread, and then set them on fire to achieve the same effect, but it doesn't have the appearance of true economic activity.

108. Liberals believe that mortgage lenders are 'predatory' and people who don't read contracts or retain legal counsel before they sign on the dotted line are 'victims'.

109. Collective Liberalism promises equality of prosperity, but only produces equality of misery.

110.  Liberals are neither Truly Liberal or Democrats; they are shameless LIBERTINES who hate democracy because if given the choice of Collective Totalitarianism and Capitalistic Freedom, the people would select Freedom and Capitalism every time, leaving the Liberal out in the cold and needing to work for a living.

111. Liberals believe that people are incapable of changing their personal circumstances, or improving their lot in Life without an expensive and expansive government bureaucracy to 'help' them do it, usually at the expense of someone else.

112. Liberals believe all wars are evil and unwinnable...unless they start them. Then they're humanitarian efforts intended to promote good ends and altruistic ideals.

113. Liberals believe that when a terrorist is caught only because he fails to detonate his underwear on your flight, or fails to blow up his Pathfinder in Times Square, leaving his keys, cellphone, driver's license and address book behind in the glovebox, that the Homeland Security regime 'worked' to perfection.

114. Liberals believe that Terrorism is not an act of war perpetrated by a sick and violent culture, but rather law enforcement problem to be handled with civilian courts and Miranda rights....unless there's a bump in the polls to be had for shooting a terrorist in the face without a trial.

115. Liberals claim to stand 'for the Little Guy', but once the Little Guy's use as convenient political prop or rhetorical device is over, he is conveniently forgotten again.

116. Liberals never change their minds, even when presented with undeniable facts or evidence by a non-liberal, because liberalism creates a feedback loop in which ONLY liberals are considered credible sources of information. This close-mindedness – a negative quality they regularly accuse their opponents of having – makes liberals impervious to any idea that threatens to undermine their beliefs.

117. A liberal’s sources of information are ever-present. His newspaper is owned and produced by liberals; his evening newscast is owned and produced by liberals; his favorite magazines are owned and produced by liberals, so too his favorite television shows, movies, and music. Therefore, the liberal lives under the constant drumbeat of his own propaganda.

118. Liberals emphasize feeling superior, rather than achieving superior results. Mainly because achieving requires work, attention to details and reason. Liberals prize feeling and appearances over outcomes.

119. Liberals are people who won’t even take their own side in a fight. Four Americans are killed in an attack on an American consulate, and all the liberals can do is imprison an American for utilizing his First Amendment rights.

120. Liberals tend to deal with people as groups, rather than as individuals, and therefore, are often unable to reconcile away what appear to be glaring inconsistencies – like a Black Conservative – in anything except the most dismissive and prejudicial ways and usually with bigoted language. This while they sing the hymns of Diversity, Inclusion and Civil Rights.

121. Liberals give themselves far too much credit for being liberal, a condition they believe makes someone wise, compassionate and superior. Therefore, the good in people springs not from their actions but from their ideology. This explains the misogynist who calls himself a feminist, the race baiter who accuses others of racism, or those who give nothing to charity but who somehow feel empowered to lecture others on compassion.

122. Justice, to a liberal, refers solely to a court twisting the Constitution to give the liberal what he wants, and using the law to punish his enemies.

123. Liberals cannot tolerate opposition because if people are given a viable alternative to liberalism, there would very quickly be no liberals, in much the same way the Muslim Clerics and Ayatollahs try to crush Christians, Jews, Buddhists and Hindus.

124. Liberals are born hypocrites. They support free speech – unless it’s speech they disagree with; they support women’s rights – unless you’re Muslim; they accuse their opponents of the worst crimes – and commit far worse ones of their own; they resist the urge to impose values on people – unless they happen to be their values, in which case they are to be enshrined in law and educational systems, and enforced with all the power of the state; every Liberal policy eventually ends up hurting those the liberal claims to be helping.

125. When a Liberal has a choice between fantasy and reality, he will choose the fantasy every time without hesitation, so Hillary Clinton is ‘the smartest women in the world’, Barack Obama is an ‘enlightened healer and leader’, Jesse Jackson is a defender of Civil Rights, Al Gore was robbed by a Bush Conspiracy rather than being a rotten candidate, Bill Clinton was the best friend the feminists ever had, etc…

126. The Liberal lives by the concept of Divide and Conquer, pitting one group of individuals against another for personal gain, while insisting that he is a champion of freedom and equality and an egalitarian. In fact, the more discord there is between people, the more inequality there is, the better the Liberal likes it, because it affords him greater opportunity to acquire and centralize more power over others. Just as Julius Caesar courted the mob in order to establish a dictatorship, and so ruined the Roman Republic, so the Liberal behaves..

127. The main reason why liberals automatically dismiss any Conservative plan to restore personal liberty and economic freedom to Americans is because the the Liberals fortunes are tied directly to the fortunes of the very people who would benefit, but usually can't, because they lack the tools to take advantage of new opportunities. These people largely lack these capabilities because the Liberal has found it politically useful to deny and politicize them, and hopes to avoid the resulting blame when this denial of basic rights is finally discovered.

128. No one who works indoors needs a union. In fact, in modern America, there is no longer a need for a labor union, at all. While labor unions did, indeed, do great things and protect the rights of American workers in the past, their function has been largely superseded by State and Federal law, and a Legal System that would see 4 million lawyers salivate over the prospect of a quick-and-dirty settlement over any perceived case of actual discrimination or unfairness. The Labor Union exists solely to support the democratic party (small 'd' intentional), keep the false promises of Communism alive, and to ensure that genuinely stupid and lazy people who would mostly fail in the private sector (government employees and industrial workers for whom there is no more industry) can afford Cadillacs and 48" Plasma screens without -- mostly -- having to put in an honest day's work for them. 

129. A Liberal brands an individual accused of a crime as guilty before proven innocent, while Conservatives brand those accused of crimes innocent until proven guilty. In some cases, where the accusation and implication of guilt is politically useful, the assertion of guilt is continuously made even after the individual has been proven innocent of the charges against him.

130. History, to a liberal, is infinitely mutable, and is continuously re-written to fit the liberal narrative. What is considered historical "fact" today can be changed tomorrow, often sans evidence, if doing so helps to bring the dreamed-of Liberal Collective one step closer. As we speak, entire areas of historical research are being re-written in political terms. As we speak, the hagiographies of such liberal luminaries as Stalin, Mao, Che Guevara, Castro, Pol Pot, John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are being deliberately and politically altered to so as to show future generations that these were not badly-flawed men, driven by ego and a thirst for power, but rather misunderstood men who had nothing but the best of intentions. Subsequently, the process is also being applied to the enemies of the Liberal, so that Ronald Reagan wanted nuclear war, George W. Bush refused to rescue black people during Hurricane Katrina, and Dick Cheney instigated 9-11 so as to bring profit to Haliburton's shareholders.

131. Liberals discount the importance and effect of religion, and often deride those who have some form of faith as superstitious fools who are being led astray by self-interested little tyrants intent on squashing their freedoms. They neglect to consider or admit, however, the basis in religion (Jesus, the Buddah, among others) that form the fundamentals of their collective Ideologies, i.e. Socialism and Communism. There is no Marx without Christ.

132. The Liberal believes that all of society's ills can be cured by a massive program of government-directed "education" despite the evidence that liberal education policies have done little than turn the schools into government-funded daycare centers where children are warehoused, often fed two meals a day, and denied the opportunity of a real education. Because of liberal policies on Affirmative Action, hiring practices, curriculum, and the influence of liberal-inspired speech codes and political correctness, the school has been repurposed to become the Indoctrination Center. This serves three functions: first, it relieves (liberal) parents of the responsibility of caring for their children. All liberals despise responsibility. Second, it enables to liberals to preach the liberal mantra to captive audiences while their minds are still impressionable, and finally, it provides jobs for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of bureaucrats and unionized clock-punchers who vote democrat and give money to liberal-inspired causes. In return, we get incrementally dumber children who can't find their own country on a map, can't do math or lack the education to make something of themselves, leaving them open to more liberal manipulation later on in life.

133. Obama has drones and the NSA, which kill people and violate people's privacy on a daily basis. Amazon proposes drones and runs a computerized information storage and retrieval system that might one day deliver groceries and medication to your doorstep. According to the liberal, only government (and liberal-controlled government) can make adequate use of these technologies while protecting human rights and guaranteeing our safety and security. The private sector's use and expansion of technology must be controlled by the government, ostensibly for our own good, while government uses it to violate people's rights and destroy their lives and property whenever it feels justified in it's quest to create the Collective.

134. Liberal Government takes $600 billion dollars from Medicare (tax payer money) and produces a broken website that doesn't work and has tremendous security holes in it,  which is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to destroying both the insurance and healthcare industries (so that their roles may be taken over by government later on., as a matter of 'fundamental fairness' (as they like to put it). In the end, the broken website and the deliberately-planned undermining of two industries creates havoc, chaos and dislocation in people's lives. It takes away choices and freedom from the consumer so as to help "the less fortunate", while in the process creating even more "less fortunates". Private industry takes private investment (and much less of it) and creates salable goods and services for a profit and websites that work with complete security, which puts money back into the individuals pocket in terms of dividends and jobs and gives the individual greater freedom of choice (it's called  The Free Market). Liberals hate Free Markets because they operate -- successfully --outside the sphere of Liberal Control and Manipulation.

135. Conservatives Believe it When they See It. Liberals See it When they Believe it. 

136. Many Conservatives have, at one time or another, been Liberals. No Liberal, however, has ever been a Conservative. This indicates that the Liberal is largely incapable of seeing the flaws in his own ideology, and unable to change his mind or accept an alternate point of view. The liberal celebrates this mental defect as a virtue.

137. A Conservative is a liberal who has been mugged by reality.

138. The Liberal believes that arresting technological progress for the few (I.e The Global warming scam) is the only way to achieve true progress for the many. He calls himself a Progressive and routinely accuses his enemies of wanting to "turn back the clock" but in all actuality, it is the liberal who lives in the past (in fact, he romanticizes the history of leftists movements and individuals, no matter how violent or corrupt) and who is unable to learn from the mistakes of the past, made in the name of his ideology.

139. The Liberal believes in the equality of outcomes rather than in the equality of opportunity. Therefore, all manner of anti-liberal polices that make a mockery of the word "Equality" (forced integration, Affirmative Action, legal action instead of democratic process, dehumanization of enemies real or perceived, government-engineered theft) must be enforced in order to ensure "Equality", but only the "Equality" the liberal finds politically useful at any given moment in history.

140. Left-leaning groups such as Occupy Wall Street, Greenpeace, Anarchists, and Labor Unions decry the "evils" of capitalism and Classically-liberal democracy without noticing that they are the direct beneficiaries of both systems. Hence, we get the G-20 protester (who wanders the streets  in his Urban Guerrilla-chic black clothing -- complete with picture of Che on it! -- produced in a factory in Honduras by someone working 80 hours a week for 12 cents an hour), smashing the windows of a local Starbucks or McDonald's after he's just enjoyed his pre-riot latte and scone there, the Greenpeace activist who begs for donations to save tigers online, the OWS dipshit who arrived with her seven friends in Daddy''s gas-guzzling SUV sporting a "Split Wood, Not Atoms' bumper sticker, the former machine-press operator who yearns for the day when he can return to the factory and earn a living with his inefficient, 19th-century inspired machine tools, and who gives a fuck if the owner of the company loses money in the process? . These people are largely (mis-)informed, organized, supported, nurtured and sustained by the fruits of the internet, modern communications, wealth extracted from others by donation, wage or tax, and have their actions protected by a system of laws and a Constitution that were the by-products of Classically-liberal democracy. These are NOT people of conscience; they are boobs.

141. The Liberal fails to recognize that it is stable, free, economically-viable democratic societies which have the time and comfort to debate whether a woman has the right to abort an inconvenient fetus, or whether your local McDonald's cashier should earn the same money as the policeman or construction worker. Their answer to such questions (they call them "pressing social issues" which quickly become "crises") is invariably some variation on a theme which creates instability, decreases freedom, and redistributes wealth from the productive to the unproductive. The Liberal aims to solve small problems by, in effect, creating larger ones...and always under government control and management.

142. The True Believer Liberal is typically NOT a member of an underclass or a member of an oppressed group; they are typically the irrationally-guilty and brainwashed children of the very privileged Middle Classes, which they secretly hate and seek to destroy. The liberal does what he does not to benefit anyone, but to make himself feel (and appear) better than he is, and to assuage his sense of guilt for having been born to a better station in life. And to get back at his parents who gave him every advantage in life. The proof of this: you cannot name one prominent Leftist of the last 50 years in America who either didn't start out as a millionaire, or who didn't end up that way, at the expense of others, but who still managed to talk a good game.

143. In a Liberal World, The Lie must always remain one step ahead of The Truth in order to maintain the facade of both the benevolent Leftist and the benevolent Collective. When this can no longer be accomplished or maintained, the Liberal begins to re-write both history and the facts (see #130), so that we can have the curious spectacle of a president who said "you can keep your plan and doctor" furiously explaining why the words he actually spoke bear no relation to what he actually means, and how you were too stupid to notice it. If the Liberal is ever caught and held responsible for this deliberate game of substituting Lies for Truth, it is always someone else's fault that she was forced to lie in order to serve a greater good..

144. In a Liberal World, all Freedoms cut only one way....and which way that cuts depends on what the Liberal needs to believe or espouse today in order to justify or preserve the dream of the All-powerful Collective, and to excuse their lying, cheating, and thuggery. Typically, freedoms exist only for the Liberal, and must be taken away or lessened for everyone else.

145. Liberals are the real racists in America. They all believe, in the black little pits they call souls, that women, minorities, gays, the poor, immigrants, and every other aggrieved group in the country cannot 
survive or prosper without their help. This help is usually delivered in a backhandedly-condescending and degrading form (i.e. Affirmative Action, Welfare, racial quotas), and does little to actually help anyone achieve happiness or prosperity because it is primarily designed to make people dependent upon the State, and thus, on the Liberal. In return, the Liberal gets to dictate the activities, tastes, thoughts, political ideology, voting habits and so forth of "the needy’, as a prerequisite for receiving more “help” in the future.

NOTE: This post has been updated to 215 reasons Why Liberals Suck. You can read it HERE


greenherring said...

Amen! Good work.

The White Devil said...

Great list, Matthew! I reposted the list on my g+ stream and gave a link to your blog giving you credit.

The White Devil said...

Great list, Matthew! I reposted the list on my g+ stream and gave a link to your blog giving you credit.

Unknown said...

Funny and Accurate

dafaddah said...

While accurate, incisive and humorous all at the same time, the piece is, in my opinion, overlong. It is sufficient to note that progressives (they stole the label liberal in order to camouflage themselves and their ideology) are collectivists who have perfected in themselves the art of DoubleThink thereby removing any hint of hypocrisy, who hold themselves without any possibility of doubt to be both intellectually and morally superior to all who do not conform completely to their ideology. Moreover, they hold themselves accountable solely to their own intentions and feelings. They see it their mission to either absorb every individual into their collective or to eliminate those who they find to be resistant to that outcome.
It is interesting to note that Progressive utopians exist today in many places where food, shelter, education and healthcare are all provided equally and free and only those in authority possess firearms.
These liberal utopias are called prisons.

joscefi said...

Love it, shared it, with proper credit to The Lunatic's Asylum...

V.R. Kaine said...

Found your site through a Google search on "Liberalism Sucks". Great list! Linking and crediting accordingly...

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. ....and sadly true

Anonymous said...

I found this through a Google search " Liberals Suck". It is very accurate, funny, and sad all at the same time. Loved it!

Unknown said...

In the past few decades, conservatives have consistently made it their objective to tattoo liberalism with a bad name. And members of the public who are not accustomed to thinking for themselves and checking the facts will invariably allow the lies to steamroll them. However, although not in chronological order, below are just some of the things that liberals in Congress have done on behalf of the American people over the past 85 years — things which a conservative-dominated press consistently refrains from mentioning. After you quickly scan the list, I ask you to perform a Google search for those contributions made by the Republicans in Congress. Then, compare the two and draw your own conclusions. (And in the name of common sense, please don’t include the tax cuts near the beginning of the Reagan administration, because taxes were later raised five times during his presidency, i.e., 1982, 1983, 1985, 1986, 1987 and 1988.)

Social Security
Food stamp program
FDIC., which stabilized the banking system
CCC, which improved the nation’s infrastructure
SEC, which regulated Wall Street
Guaranteed minimum wage
Tennessee Valley Authority
Rural Electrification Program
WPA, which built schools and other structures
NLRB, to protect the right of Americans to unionize
G.I. Bill
Civil Rights Act of 1964
Peace Corps
Voting Rights Act
Clean Air Act of 1963
Water Quality Act of 1965
Fair Housing Act of 1968
Established goals for the space program
War on Poverty
Head Start
Affirmative Action
Affordable Health Care Act, providing 12 million with health insurance
Public Broadcasting
Urban Mass Transit Act

Matthew Noto said...

And this was all good why?

Here's what all of those things have in common, Howard:

a) they don't work
b) they all in some way crush individual freedoms, remove individual initiative, or interfere with Free markets, and
c) whatever the ANNOUNCED aims might have been, most have become little more than a permanent jobs program for bureaucrats who only have jobs because they managed to pass a watered-down civil service exam with a 62.

Incidentally, this list was expanded to 215 reasons why liberals suck on another post. I don't blog much, anymore, but I've collected another bunch of reasons why liberals suck,and think I can get the list up to 250. You can see the last iteration of this meme here:

Matthew Noto said...

As for your "War on Poverty", if it were ever to be won, there'd be a lot of unemployed people. Unionized bureaucrats and democrats LOVE poor people..there's a lot of (other people's) money in poverty, you know.

Unknown said...

You say "They don't work"?

You say "They all in some way crush individual freedoms, remove individual initiative" ....?

Those statements alone tell me that's it's futile for me to expect you to exhibit rationality, so I won't bother to offer any rebuttal.

For your sake, let's just hope that in the future you don't have to depend on the government for one single thing and that the private sector will instead provide you with all your basic needs -- even when you're old, sick, or jobless.

I'm done here.

Matthew Noto said...

You offer no rebuttal because you can't.

As for dependence on government when I'm old, sick and jobless, what the hell did you think I meant by "They all in some way crush individual freedoms, remove individual initiative".

You were not born to be dependent upon government. It's not government's (and by that, we man complete strangers, i.e. the taxpayer) job to support you; that's YOUR job. The people who believe it's a collective responsibility are not very good at it, they know it, and those facts scare the fuck out of them.

Be a man, learn to fend for yourself, and stop being jealous of people who achieve, and thus, HAVE.

Being fearful, jealous, stupid and dependent upon government to do for you what you won't or can't do for yourself is no way to go through life, Howard.

Rebut that.

Matthew Noto said...

Heaven forbid we ask people to exercise some personal responsibility.

Unknown said...

Amen Matthew..... AMEN brother....

And actually, Conservatives actually desire Social Security and Medicare for Old People.... Thats ht ONLY group that deserves fighting for. But thats it!!!

Look at any republican candidate.... they all desire retirement and health insurance for the old folks. Take a lesson from good ol economics 101

Anonymous said...

What really numbs me up is that during the Bush era all these liberals were whining about corrupt businesses and monopolies which to some truth it's a big problem that will bite us.

However that's where they start lying. Now that we have a Liberal majority the big businesses are greedier then ever.

Look at the scandals going on. If they were not a monopoly they'd be in legal hot water right now for breaching people's contracts and screwing them around.

Same with gaming. Steam (gaming) used to give you the full game with patches every so often and now you get a basic starter package then pay for the pieces (DLC) which can easily wind up in the triple digit figures.

Not good for today's economy where people are tightening their belts and online memberships will be the first things families decline to pay their bills and feed their children and give them as good schooling as possible.

Sorry capitalism but your time is up and I hope you rich greedy bastards fall hard when your last knee gives out. It will be a funny site as I have nothing to lose.

SortingHat said...

It's quite funny how all the liberal members have Google Plus while Conservatives use Blogger.

Any particular reasons behind this?

Unknown said...

A list of mostly failed programs is your proof that Democrats are the true champions of the American people. Google civil rights acts and you will discover they were all authored and passed by Republicans. Johnson had to beg to get enough Democrats to vote for the 1964 legislation. I believe the Republican support for the bill was nearly, if not unanimous. You'll also notice that only the Democrats have ever repealed civil rights laws. I would also like to see the internment of Japanese-Americans added to your list of Democrat accomplishments.

Unknown said...

I took your advice and discovered that Johnson had to get on his knees and perform felatio to prevent your beloved Democrats from defeating the Civil Rights Act of 1964. I also discovered that legislation was written by Republicans and overwhelmingly supported by that party. I also found that every piece of civil rights legislation was passed by Republicans. Then I learned that your dear Democrats are the only ones to repeal civil rights legislation. And lets not forget the recordings of that wonderful man Johnson referring to black people with the N-word. Most of the rest of the list is one example after another of failed government programs, over regulation, and idiotic government meddling in the economy. Lastly, you should add the internment of Japanese-Americans to your list of Democrat accomplishments.

Unknown said...

Shame on you. You hurt Howard's feelings.

Greg said...

Lots of good stuff on this list, but some of it not so good.

Adolf Hitler said before he died:

"When I am dead and gone the United States will have to answer the jewish question."

The Germans were dealing with many of the same 'liberal' problems we in the U.S. are dealing with now.

In reality, Hitler and the Germans were fighting against the same crap we White men are sick and tired of here.

Note that after World War 2 America and the West quickly went to liberal hell.

If the Germans were the bad guys why did things go bad right after WWjew?

The jews control the mass media in America and most all of the West. It is the jews who push this cancerous liberalism on White people.

It weakens the White race, destroys our society and allows the jews to rule over the mess.

The jews have a fetish for Hitler because he stood up to their banking power and invention of communism. Why do you think the teevee box they control has 'hate Hitler' propaganda on it every single day?

Who else would do that?

Its the jews folks and its always been the jew.

Liberalism is just a branch of the tree which jews control. The jews are the ROOT of the problem.

And conservatives are basically liberals in their own right. They won't stand up for anything important.

White Christians are some of the biggest cowards on the face of the planet. They've become every bit as liberal as the liberals.

Because they don't want to judge anyone. They only judge those of us who have the balls to stand up for what is right as evil.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I too googled "liberals suck" to get here. I have seen the effects of a shitty media, horrendous agendas, and lack of journalism. I wanted to see what might be out there in terms of better media. A couple new channels popped up on my direct TV. Free speech and newsmax. Maybe years ago I could watch CNN. But with clearly leftist agendas it has become sickening. Couric and Brokaw types, and generally everybody selling a narrative.

Anonymous said...

Many of these programs were created 4 to 5 decades ago, by both parties working together... During a time before the Democrat Party became something similar to a third world socialist regime... Also, A Conservative Based Media!?... What planet did you return from!?

Anonymous said...

Outstanding Brother Matt!!
May God Bless... You are a Patriot!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully California secedes and they build a wall around it. Their people vote in liberal policies that choke them out force them to relocate. Then they try voting in liberal policies into their new states thinking that didn't cause the problem in the first place ie: Colorado, Arizona. Minimum wage hike only hurts the people it's proposed to help and only helps govt gain more power. If a person doesn't lose their job due to the wage hike, they can enjoy higher prices, higher taxes and a lower quality of living. Businesses will maneuver around the obstacles government puts in place, but the newly unemployed will now be dependent on govt programs which is a win-win in liberal govt eyes. Plus how can a business justify hiring high school kids at $12-15 an hour for their first job ever? Phuq this entitlement culture. Kids need to start being taught self-reliance during infancy. And we could take a lesson from sea turtles at 18. Natural Selection

Anonymous said...

Howard Lauther, Matthews list includes you. All the descriptives,definitive obstructionism,divulgent observations,diversionary agendas found in this list to portray the liberal in America, portray you as well. The liberal collectivist as described. Utopianism is pure mythology. Human nature would never allow this ideology to exist. Socialism is only a short-lived pipedream ideology. One could continue down the list of failed ideologies, but why bother. You seem to be an intelligent man, so to press any further would make the point moot, as I'm sure you also could fill the blanks, with the remaining politically ideological failures, as well as anyone. I'll only mention two examples of social programs that have failed. These,along with all the rest on the were built to fail. Social Security. Sure worked good for retirees the first twenty plus years. But you and I know that this was established as a slush fund money maker for the status quo elite. Affordable Healthcare Act. What a laugh. This was meant to fail, but not until certain massive amounts of money was harvested by the elite. Again. Oh well, the list goes on. Not worried. Jesus Christ will return one day soon.

Anonymous said...

And here we have another failure,'eh Howard. Why destroy America. For you Howard, I'll give half my lifetime earnings, retirement fund and S.S. benefits to help you and yours get out of my home. Oh wait! I already have. You're on your own comrade.

SortingHat said...

The reason we are going thru all this is Liberals cater to the *feeling* crowd where they go thru with emotions and little to no intelligence. Conservatives often have intelligence but often no wisdom once in power so therefore nobody has good communication.

We may live in an information age but lack a communication age as we see people more and more with poor skills coming out of public education. People who come out of private schools score equal to public schools in European nations.

If you want to see the extent of the *feeling* crowd look at SCS Software that once made simulation games their own blog which I made a post explaining that criticizing will get you nowhere as they are inept to hear your points.

SortingHat said...

Give it up. Trying to argue with libarts is like arguing with this little guy.

Anonymous said...

Many of those programs are prime examples of things cited in this blog post - like not taking responsibility, not growing up, breaking down the infrastructure, advocating for those who dont want to work at things..... And the list goes on. The fact that you cannot see this, after having presumably Read the post shows that you are brainwashed.

Anonymous said...

The majority of those "programs" at the core prevent individuals from taking responsibility and growing up, while generating governmental dependency, propaganda, and a society full of dead wood.

Anonymous said...

Many people have never been dependent on the government.

Anonymous said...


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