Monday, March 09, 2015

Feminism Would Work...If Only Men Would Do It For Us....

So sayeth the wise and sage Chelsea Clinton, scion of the "Smartest Woman in the World" and The Most Famous Bent Penis, fake television journalist, descendant of the vast criminal enterprise that is Clinton, Inc.

You can read what she had to say here:

Basically, what the daughter of Don Horneyleone says is that if feminism is to ever achieve it's stated purpose of a free-and-equal society, it is Men that have to make it happen.

Considering that it has been Men that have made just about EVERYTHING in human history happen, this is hardly surprising.

If you want something done: call a Man. If you want something talked to death and smothered in contradictory logic and febrile emotion -- only with an interesting color scheme --  you leave it up to a chick.

Now, my issue is not with Chelsea. She is merely a product of her environment, which is to say, that when you're raised by clueless assholes, educated at the "best" schools where theory takes precedence over reason as a means of assuaging feelings, and marinated in , and separated by, the bubble created by a vast fortune accumulated through graft, dishonesty and the politics of division, you're bound to have stupid ideas like this.

And also be totally unaware of how stupid you sound when you air them in public.

Let's consider, for a moment, what Feminism is all about.

Despite the lip service paid to the notions of "equality", what Feminism is is an ideological system by which Women will be given all opportunity and absolved of all responsibility, while Men are simultaneously stripped of all opportunity and saddled with every responsibility.

This cannot be denied: the logic -- if you can call it that -- of the Feminist position, backed up by rhetoric and action, can lead you to no other conclusion. This is not so much fighting battles of principle in a largely-imaginary "War on Women" so much as it is a War on Men waged with all the menstrual ferocity females can muster.

It's penis envy.

Those that can, do. Those that can't, teach. Those that can't even do that invent a self-absorbed, bullshit political dialectic that falls apart the second a 4' 11", 90-pound woman can't carry a fire hose up three flights of stairs without her having a physical and emotional breakdown because it's too hard or entails the possibility of breaking a fingernail.

Feminism is a great big game of "Let's Pretend", and then when the pretense can no longer be justified, it becomes a great big game of "Who Can I Sue?".

Let us assume for a moment that Feminism has hit another one of those "glass ceilings" these whiny psychobitches are always on about. Why should this have happened? After all, if we take it as axiomatic that a Woman is every bit as capable as a Man in all things, then these "ceilings", logically, should not exist. The smart and clever Woman would have figured out how to break through. The strong woman would have persevered and burrowed her way to the other side. The determined Woman would have fixed her bayonet, unbunched her panties, and decided that the best way to win this War is to fight Fire With Fire,  and by God!, given the patriarchy a taste of it's own medicine, thus proving the worth and equality of the female of the species.

Instead, none of that has happened.

Now, they have a myriad of bullshit excuses, typically wrapped in psychobabble and politically-tinged language, to excuse all these failures and when in doubt, they simply shout "sexism" at the top of their lungs in their shrillest banshee voice. But the fact of failure remains, and after 50 years the same excuses now sound worn and tired and have outlived their usefulness.

So now you have a new tactic being developed: Get Men to do it for us.

Which is what every Woman in history has done whenever challenged by an obstacle, whether it's catching a gazelle for dinner, squashing a spider in the bathtub, fixing the flat tire, reaching for an item on the top shelf, getting pregnant, or getting a promotion at work through fellatio: Depend upon a Man to do the heavy lifting.

No, I don't think I wish to help you achieve your goal, if only because in the process of doing so I'm only hurting myself. I don't wish to live in a world run by Women, if only because it's been my experience that most Women are dumber than dogshit (after all, they fell for Feminism) and are possessed of the most disagreeable character flaws: ingratitude, selfishness, vanity, and they tend personalize every slight -- real or imagined -- to the point where they become vicious and reckless in their quest to get even.

Men beat each other up, and the problem disappears; Women carry grudges forever that fester and are finally expressed in small acts of vicious cruelty intended to hurt someone in such a way as to scar them emotionally for life.

Think of it this way: we've lived (so far) through six years of Obama. Imagine how much worse it could have been had Michelle been in charge.
And even though the example of a busybody racist cunt with a Marie-Antoinette syndrome might be a bit extreme, do you think Hillary Clinton would be any better?

These are all consequences that arise from ownership of a vagina which is awash in a sea of hormones, which ravages the body with cramps, water retention and a bitchy attitude, which deprives the possessor of a linear thought process and places a premium upon the emotional in all things rather than the logical. If this were not true, then The Good Wife or Scandal would not be on TV, replete with commercials related to feminine itching, douches, tampons, and yeast infections.

It's all about the vagina, you see. It always is.

Especially the monumental price all women put upon it, conveniently forgetting that their own self-professed ideology of Feminism tells them to give it away as an act of "empowerment'. It's only a snatch, ladies -- there are millions more out there for the taking.

Or at least for a couple of shots of tequila and a Jimmy Buffett T-shirt.

Low-hanging fruit.

If you're just as capable as we Men are, you don't need our help.

Chelsea Clinton just signaled to everyone with half a brain that you aren't, and in the process, told us all what her mother -- I assume Chelsea came out of that vagina (a frightening thought), and wasn't concocted in a test-tube somewhere -- intends to adopt as her campaign mantra in 2016.

Which is apropos, since Hillary Clinton never achieved a damned thing except through Bill, either.


Anonymous said...

You know why this has no comments, Matthew? Because nobody gives a shit about what you have to say because you're a prick.
Sorry dude.

Matthew said...

You apparently did.

IINO said...

You've written better. I find your anger humorous. I've personnaly seen a woman of about 120# bench 205# several times. But I've mostly been around military types. When I got out into the world a lot of the young men seemed like a bunch of slack jawed pussies. America really needs to toughin up.