Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Saddam: The Fallout...
Pity the democraps and the press! They are beside themselves with anger and absolutely stunned that our "idiot", "selected" President has won a major victory, both on the battlefield and in the eyes of the planet. "

So incredibly pissed off are they, that I have heard the following things in the last few days:

1. According to eight of nine (count 'em) morons running for the democrap nomination to be GW's whipping boy next November (Joe Lieberman is noteworthy for his absence from this list), the capture of Saddam Hussein will either increase the violence against American troops in Iraq or increase the number of terrorist attacks against Americans worldwide. Various explanations are given as to why: we humiliated Saddam, bin Laden is still out there somewhere, the French and Germans still don't approve, Howard Dean and John Kerry said so, because the earth is banana-shaped. The message is always the same: "this is a good thing, but..."

Watch all of these people suggest that more body bags full of Americans is the reward we will reap, that all of this could have been done differently (i.e. have the French, Germans and Russians on board) if they had been in charge or that having Saddam in the bag makes the world MORE dangerous.

When you lose your argument on truth, facts and logic, resort to hysteria, deceit and castigation. Typical.

2. In the matter of (their) opinion, Iraqis should have been able to overthrow Saddam on their own (given time) and trusted to do the right thing with their country afterwards, can no longer be trusted to try the former-dictator-cum-mole "fairly' because they will let their anger and thirst for revenge get the better of them. Damn right, Skippy! All the more reason to LET them do it. Amazing how the Left is already talking about Saddam's rights when estimates put 500,000 in mass graves, thousands of Iraqis were tortured and robbed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time (i.e. in Iraq). Why is it that a brutal dictator can dispose of fairness when he holds a nation by the throat, but he must be given consideration when HE'S facing the gallows? Logic warp time --- the guilty should be protected and the innocent take their chances.

3. Bush should not use this victory to his own "political advantage". Hmmm...we know a democrat (small 'd' intentional) would NEVER do that. To do so would "question the patriotism" of his opposition.

4. The U.N. is still relevant to this whole Iraq process thing...Somehow...

5. We have changed nothing, except to put ourselves in the Saddam's place.

Now you tell me, who REALLY lives in a 8' x 10' rathole denying reality?

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