Saturday, February 21, 2004

A-Rod comes to New York...Big Whoops!
The most expensive player in Major League baseball has decided that he's willing to play for George Steinbrenner's New York Yankees, and the town goes nuts. Red Sox fans continue to cry in their clam chowder. Cats and dogs have signed a peace accord in Geneva.

In the past week, I have heard Alex Rodriguez called the "best player in the game" about 72 times. I have heard this trade makes the Yankees "unbeatable" at least twice that many times. My reaction: who gives a rat's ass?

As for Rodriguez being the best player, when you live in a town like New York and there's already Mike Piazza, Derek Jeter, Bernie Williams and Tom Glavine, I can't see how you make that distinction. Individually, these are all great ballplayers, but how does one decide Rodriguez is the best?

The Yankees failed to meet their initial needs, which was quality starting pitching (you can't lose Roger Clemens and David Wells and feel your pitching is now adequate), they tied up a shitload of money (even with Texas footing a good deal of the bill to get rid of A-Rod) that might have been used to get some pitching (espescially middle-relief pitching, and another closer), and possibly damaged the rest of the team when they see the 200 million-dollar peacock in the clubhouse (jealousy is a nasty thing).

I can't wait until the next "labor dispute" (read:strike) and the owners, as always, point to Steinbrenner and remark about how he is ruining the game with his money. Granted, George did not agree to give ARod 200 mil, but pretty soon he might have to dump some higher-priced talent to afford him, and other teams will bitch because they can't afford these players.

Firstly, no one is worth 200 million, not Arod, not Bill Gates, not Martha Stewart. Secondly, Yankee fans will be stupid enough to pay $100 for an upper-deck seat, but that's okay, it's goes to a worthy cause --- seeing ARod in pinstripes. You see, in the end, it's not GEORGE'S money that Alex will get.

Perhaps Yankee fans should stop peeing their pants in excitement and think clearly for a second or two. Ooops, forgot, it's the Bronx and clear thinking is not their forte.

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