Saturday, February 21, 2004

Scientists claim to have witnessed evolution...Film at 11...
Okay, seems that there was a bunch of pinheads at U of Michigan who managed to get a bacteria to move and then eat. They then claimed they witnessed evolution in action.


I simplify. What these guys did was to engineer a crippled E coli bacteria (it had no tail and therefore, could not move to feed itself), insert a combination of amino acids to "uncripple" it (allow it grow a new tail), so that it could move to a source of food before it died.

How is this evolution?

If I understand (and I admit, I'm in foreign territory here) evolution correctly, the bacteria should have developed it's own method to replace it's tail or perhaps found a new method of moving towrads food. I.E. without the help of a genetic scientist, without someone messing with it's DNA.

Since no mention was made as to whether this thing actually multiplied and passed this new (trait) on to it's descendants, how is anyone to judge if a) the thing actually evolved, b) it was a viable change c) someone just didn't get lucky and teach a bug a neat trick. Sorta like when your dog fetches the newspaper.

But evolution in the laboratory? I thought that was supposed to be a natural process?

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