Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Why I laugh at the "Black Community"...
Interesting post on Free Republic, I submit for your edification:


Now to respond to this nonsense. This whole thing sounds pretty Nazi-like to me. I'm talking about the allusions to the viability of a separate black race, their economic and cultural survival and a whole load of nifty multi-culti, politically correct smarm like that. The article fairly drips with racism.

Which strikes me as funny in two ways; first, those who complain the most about the racism of others apparently have great difficulty in recognizing their own. The second funny thing is that a great many people, particularly so-called intellectuals, will eat these arguments up without a second thought. Hypocrisy and stupidity, I know, are diseases that we're all afflicted with from time to time, but could it be any more obvious than this?

I guess it's okay to make Nazi-like pronouncements on race, culture and economics if you're black, but try and fly a Confederate flag and get ready for a court battle and a boycott.

No pun intended, but the pot calls the kettle black and decides it's okay because "an educated person" was quoted in the article, and because it reinforces an already widely-held belief. This is why an Al Sharpton or a Carol Moseley-Moron could never be President of the United States: Bush might mispronounce words and sound like an idiot doing it, but he is at least aware of the problem.

These folks are in the dark, in more ways than one...

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