Sunday, July 25, 2004

The Gallic Bug...
Headline: "French President Bugs Others". Really? I wouldn't have noticed. Anyway, here's a link to an article on the semi-retarded rantings of Jacque Chriac, President of France:

The article gives three excuses for Chirac's seemingly neurotic behavior:
1. America, and George Bush, are arrogant.
2. America, and George Bush, don't have any resepct for France.
3. America, and George Bush, are to blame.

In fact, George Bush seems to be mentioned more in the article than Jacques Chirac. What this piece really is, is a way to bash George Bush under the cover of bashing Chirac. Notice the qutoe about Bush being arrogant because he "speaks bluntly". I did not realize that people, and nations, actually wanted bulshit to be a staple of their diplomacy and international relations. I guess this must be the "nuance" that KerryEdwards is always talking about.

What gets my goat is that in every respect, this article would seem to claim that Chirac does what he does only because George Bush goads him into doing it.

Now, I would bet a paycheck that this is not the view of the Frenchman in the street, but is solely representative of what passes for the French elite and intelligencia. In other words, the French government and by extention, the Pan-European Organized Crime Commission (i.e. The E.U.). In the view of these folks, an infantile United States,led by an infantile President (i.e. one who cannot readily and easily lie about where he puts his dick), with actual power, is somehow in charge of the world. This scraes the more "mature and nuanced" European elites to death because it signals a real end to their influence in world affairs. This influence was on the wane in the mid-1930's and has virtually vanished in this day and age. Hence, the zeal with which French politicians attack and defend their remaining interests: selling chemical, nulcear and biological material to Iraq, Iran, Libya, and half a dozen other despots. Tying American peacekeepers in Kosovo to NATO and UN command, rather than actually letting them pacify the country. Stepping into civil wars in West Africa and negotiating "treaties" and "agreements" that let the crap continue as long as French businessmen can continue to profit.

Chirac does bug people. France bugs people. But it's theirown fault, not George Bush's.

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