Wednesday, July 28, 2004

For those of you who actually care about what John Kerry might have to say later this week at the democrat version of the Nuremburg rallies in Boston, please leave now. However, it might be an interesting excercise to see if I would be able to predict the man's speech before he actually gives it. Let's make a game out of it: I'll throw out my predictions now, and after the convention is over, let's see how many I hit on the head.

Okay, here we go. This is what Kedwards will say Friday night:

1. Bush sucks.
2. The war sucks. Unless, of course, the right people were running it, like us.
3. Another paean to the plight of the uninsured, with extensive plans for a national health care system or insurance, with lots of big numbers thrown around. The money will come from rescinding those nasty tax cuts.
4. Another paean to those that cannot afford a college education, despite the plethora of financial aid packages, scholarships, fellowships. government assistance, and good-old-fashioned minimum wage jobs available. Kedwards will offer you more programs, more assistance, more of everything, and of course, it gets paid for by rescinding them nasty tax cuts.
5. America must repair it's damaged relations with it's "allies" (i.e. France), and a Kedwards administration would bend over backwards to make sure Jacques Chirac gets a BJ in the Oval Office in the same chair Billy-Bob did.
6. Kedwards wil stress their "ideas" and "progressive thinking", without displaying either.
7. A Kedwards administration would put people back to work. How this is to be accomplished will be wrapped in government-speak gobbledy-gook that even they can't understand.
8. Ter-AY-za will be a "Great First Lady" (why this should make any difference is beyond me, but they will try to sell it).
9. Kewdards has more "experience". Well, if you need an experienced fence-sitter and blood-sucker..errr..trial attorney, then this is the pair for you!
10. There will be at least one throwback moment to any of the following: FDR, JFK, RFK, Billery. Probably all four.

Keep score at home and let me know how I did. I won't be watching, so I'll have no idea.



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