Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The ULTIMATE Me Moment...
Obese, they-tell-me-he-is-a filmaker Michael Moore attended the Republican National Convention this week, ostensibly to provide coverage for USA Today of what transpires within the walls of Madison Square Garden. What Moore has really been doing, is research. Research for his next film -- a grotesque look inside the belly of the beast that is the Republican Party. I'm betting the best dinner in Charlotte, right now, that in two years time, we'll see a Michael Moore hit piece based largely on his experiences at the convention.

How do I know? Read this:

THIS is the reason Michael Moore went to the convention. He was waiting for the gratutious swipe. That it was delivered by John McCain (who may be a contender in 2008), is even more delicious. Yes, Michael, it's all about you. It was always about you. You are the center of the universe, you bloated, moronic mass of protoplasm. I'll bet you even had this "editorial" pre-written, waiting out on hard disk, with a bunch of blanks where the names would be written in later.

That's what happened at the convention, folks: someone made a joke about me. Not even a very good joke, or a very funny one, but it was about ME. How dare they? Never mind some of the best political rhetoric from Rudy Guiliani, Ahhh-nuld, and John McCain. Micheal Moore was being discussed, and in very unflattering terms.

Call it karma, Mike, and grow up and get on with yer bad self. Your tour-de-farce-Bush-Knew-Bush-Lied screed (Farenheight 911) was a near two-hour gratuitous swipe at the President, the Vice President, and the Republican party as a whole. Don't get all snotty and bent out of shape when they return the favor. Especially when they do so mildly. Quite frankly, you're lucky you weren't beaten to a bloody pulp on the floor of MSG. After all, that's what the freaky teenagers outside would have done to their opponents, right?

Mikey, get over yourself and start to realize that the rest of us live in a totally different world than you do, and just because YOU believe something to be the truth does not mean the rest of us are obliged to believe it to. John Kerry has the same problem, by the way. Perhaps you two could console each other in therapy this coming November.

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