Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Europe and Terrorism...
Just read this morning about the first confirmed murder of a Muslim linked to the death of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh. The correspondant who wrote the story included a quote about the diffeence between America's response to terrorism and that of the Dutch, in which he states that he's awed that there wasn't more backlash against the Arab community in America after 9/11, but that there seems to be quite a bit of it in Holland. He wonders, pray tell, where all that lovely European tolerance has gone to?

This is not the first murder fo this type in Holland, nor will it be the last. A few years ago, a conservative minister of the Dutch Parliament, Pim Fortuyn, was murdered by a muslim lunatic who saw his homosexuality as an abomination before God. The Van Gigh mudrer included a lovely little note (stuck to the victim with a knife) indicating that there are others on the list: an Arab minister in the Dutch government, for example.

Van Gogh was making a film about the systematic abuse of women in the Middle East. Along the way, he just had to have come across other disgusting aspects of Muslim life, and since these things are an affront to Allah (i.e. Infidels making films that question the will of God), Van Gogh had to, well, go. Can't have the rest of the world learning the truth about the "religion of peace".

In France, the government, in a brilliant display of unity and tolerance, passed a law in which Muslim women are denied the right to wear the headscarf in public. Beari nmind thatthere are places in France where policemen fear to tread without a tank (the heavily Muslim areas, btw), and that many North African Muslims hold dual citizenship and live in france, and I can't see just how this was a good idea. The French explain it away by saying that wearing a headscarf is a display of religion and that it is somehow inimical to an "inclusive" society.

In Britain, roving packs of Pakistani boys roam the streets looking for fights, when they aren't busy running fish and chip stands. In Italy, hundreds of thousands of Albanians line the alleyways seeking fresh victims for muggings and selling drugs. In Germany, a regular Al Qeada Underground Railroad exists in Hamburg, allowing terrorists free access to the air routes of the West.

Where did all these Muslims come from? Guest worker programs, dual citizenship initiatives and political asylum seekers, of course.

You see, Europe is trapped between a rock and a hard place; you;re typical Frog likes working a 30 hours week, retiring at 40 and having a government-subsidized maid. The problem is how to pay for it. If you stop working at 40 and don't have any children, then someone has to do the work and pay the taxes, and since Europeans won't do either, they have resorted to importing foreign labor. This labor comes, in large part, from the Middle East -- Algerians, Palestinians, Iraqis, Turks, Syrians, etc. They go to Europe and do the jobs that Europeans won't do: clean the sewers, pick up the garbage, drive trucks, pick produce, etc., and without which, European life, as it now stands, would come to a screeching halt.

In the process, Europeans have managed to create a new underclass in their midst, one that that they depend on to maintain their own standards of government largesse. This is the main reason why most European governments have not lifted a finger to fight terrorism. The terrorists are already in their own backyards, and no self-respecting Frenchman will go after them if it means the maid can't come by to vaccuum once a week.

The attitude is slowly changing. In Denmark a few years ago, there was a law passed to limit immigration from Islamic lands. Danish life was under assault by foreigners and the voters saw it --- and blanched from it. Spain had a government toppled by people wearing kaffiyahs, and 200 people had to die dor that to happen. When the next 200 die, I wonder if Spanish voters will vote the other way?

There is a disconnect that needs to be reconciled: Europeans can either continue to have their cake and eat it too, or they can wake up to the realization that they have a ticking time bomb in their midst. Based on history, Europeans love to let time bombs tick; Hitler, Franco, Stalin, Napoleon, Mussolini, Torquemada, etc, are all fine examples.

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