Saturday, November 13, 2004

The Marlboro Marine...
Recent photograph in local papers featuring a Marine in Fallujah, taking a break after a hard day's fighting, and lighting one up. Well deserved smoke break, I say.

However, the people out there who still want to be everyoe's Mommy and Daddy (and you know who the fuck you are) have been flooding newspapers that carried the photo with letters abotu what a bad example it sets to our youngsters to see a Marine with a cigarette.

See, some people still don't get it.

Regardless of whether a cigarette is visible in the photo, the point was to convey to the public just how difficult our troops have it over there, how tired and dirty they are, and how tough and courageous they are. It's pure chance that the Marine in question happened to be smoking when the picture was taken. That photograph is still poignant, regardless of whether that Marine had a cigarette or a cup of tea and a lady finger. It sends a message: thiese guys are hard men doing a very hard job.

But of course, there's that cigarette. Cigarettes, as you know, are the greatest evil ever perpetrated against mankind according to the Mommy/Daddy-permanently-panty-bunched crowd (but don't you dare criticize the American Indian, from whom the habit was acquired. That's not politically correct, you know). Well, I have news for these jerks: this is America, and if people want to smoke, they have the right to do so. If a Marine in combat wants to smoke, he has more of a right to do so than the rest of us, if you ask me, because he's fighting for my freedom to light up.

But of course, this never occurs to the self-appointed guardians of polite society, the safety nazis of the suburbs. Never minid that men are dying over there to keep them safe, they can only see the trees and not the forest, or in this case, the cigarette, whle the larger scene eludes them. Now you know why John Kerry lost on November 2nd -- these are the people who more than likely voted for him.

Fucking idiots.

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