Saturday, November 13, 2004

Taking Out the Trash...
Yasser Arafat was buried yesterday amidst a riot. Why Arabs feel it to be necessary to fire guns randomly into the air is a question I have not been able to find a satisfactory answer to, and there was plenty of that yesterday. Too much, in fact.

If you looked real close at the television screen, you would have noticed that (by my count) it seemd that every fifth or sixth person present had some form of weapon. These were not soldiers or police officers, these were the common folk. Imagine what kind of screwed up place you would have to live in where people didn't have jobs, hospitals, schools or enough to eat, yet everyone was armed to the teeth. I'd place a wager that states that, per capita, Palestinians have more guns than any Second-amendment-fearing State here. I wonder where all the anti-gun nuts are?

Anyway, about the funeral.

John Lennon was murdered and at his funeral, no one went around in masks firing indiscriminately. Albert Einstein died and there was no foreign military honors rendered to him. I'm sure no head of state arrived in time for Beethoven's funeral, and I'd bet the ranch that not one person at Lincoln's funeral attempted to waylay the casket. All this, and more, happened at Arafat's funeral. Final analysis: Europeans still suck, and Palestinians are animals.

It leads one to wonder; with all them guns, all that raw emotion and nothing resembling self-control, can Palestinians make themselves a state one of these days and have it last longer than a stick of Juicy Fruit? If that kind of mayhem occurs at a state funeral, I rather doubt it.

It's made me change my mind about what todo with Arabs and Muslims in general. I had once advocated genocide, and then relented, because I thought my view was being clouded by the events of 9/11. After what's happened in Iraq, and now this disgusting scene, I've returned to the conclusion that Arabs are little better than animals.

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