Saturday, February 12, 2005

The Continuing Cheapening of Human Life...
I thought southerners had common sense. It appears I'm wrong.

In the past week, I've heard about a Florida woman who claimed she found a child tossed out of a moving vehicle, only for the authorities to discover that she was full of shit (it was her own, unwanted child), and another story about a mother of 8, in Atlanta, who shook her infant to death and is getting off with voluntary sterilization.

Florida and Georgia. You can't get more southern than that. But I digress.

What's truly stunning about both of these incidents is this: in both cases, an infant was treated as if it didn't exist. One mother kills a child and there's no thought about punishing her for it, we just make sure she can't have any more. The second was under the impression that she could just walk into a police station, tell an outlandish tale, and dump her unwanted child in someone else's lap. Actually, according to the law, she could. Again, the child does not exist.

That's nasty, if you ask me. Weve gone so far in our quest for equal rights for women that we now excuse the most disgusting behavior women can display. A tubal ligation for a life? is this a fair exchange? What the hell were the judge and the prosecutor thinking? Apparently, they weren't.

The courts are already reluctant to hold individuals responsible for their behavior (corporations are different story, however). It becomes worse when the person in the dock appears to have breasts.

Because, you know, women have been oppressed and enslaved for countless centuries, and they must now have the right to be every bit as cold-hearted, vicious, stupid and disgusting as men are. This includes the right to destroy your "unborn-mass-of-cellular-material" if you feel like it, toss your children into someone else's lap, because you feel like it, and ultimately, shake an inconvenient, crying infant to death because it won't shut up. When and if you are ever hauled into court, a veritbale army of ne'er-do-wells with a social concsiousness a mile wide and an intelligence factor just slightly lower than the average house plant, will leap to your defense.

"She was stressed". "She was without a support system". "She was mentally incompetent". "Society made her do it". "He horoscope said it was a good day to give up her kid".

Expect to hear a lot of that in the coming weeks. Lot's of excuses, never an admittance of wrong-doing. Never once an ounce of remorse. Never show remorse. Remorse implies guilt and you can't be guilty because you have tits.

Dead and abandoned children become political objects. I expected to see this kind of nonsense back in New York, where it happens practically every day. I never expected to see it here.

Then again, I must have been demented to expect to never have to expect any of this.

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