Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Third Rail of American Politics...
Imagine my shock and utter disbelief (sarcasm) when Rep. Charles Rangel, from my home state of the People;s Republic of New York, came out and accused President Bush of playing the race card when it comes to reforming Social Security. Well, Charley's thrown a few race cards in his day, so he's probably an expert. However, when the statement was clarified, or better yet, merely put into context, I began to realize that even those who SHOULD know better will continue to not know better, if it suits ther purposes.

The crux of the matetr is that black men, statistically, do not live as long as white men, and therefore, collect Social Security payments at much lower rate after retirement. In fact, a good many never make it to retirement age, so there is no payment to receive. The President suggests a plan (at least an idea) of how to rectify this injustice (to borrow a term from Jesse) and Charley calls it racist?

Charley then began a rant on "improving health care" (i.e. putting your life into the Federal Government's hands).

Hmm. An idea, from a republican, that might benefit blacks is somehow racist. Explain the logic behind that one for me, will ya? I think the key word in that sentence are "republican" and "benefits blacks". Apparently, in the world inhabited by Charley and his fellow-travelers, no the ideas are mutually exclusive. No republican could ever do anything to benefit blacks, according to this crowd.

Stupidity and ideology, a dangerous combination.

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