Saturday, February 12, 2005

The Disposable Society...
Well we have now come full circle. Actually we arrived at that point some time ago, but now thanks to the 24-hour news cycle, it has become frighteningly obvious, even to anyone who continues to vote democrat.

We're a disposable society.

We're not talking razor blades, ball-point pens, tampons or diapers. Well, maybe we're tangenitally speaking of diapers. It has now become perfectly acceptable to throw away two-day old babies.

Baby Johnnie is more than a human interest story. Baby Johnnie is a fine example of how far we've come in our quest to avoid personal responsibility. Newborns being left to die is nothing new; it's a practice with a long history, unfortunately. But now, we're leaving (or in this case, giving up) our newborns for the most petty and selfish of reasons. Johnnie's mother was, according to all the accounts, frightened/ashamed/embarrassed/fearful of being pregnant, to the extent that no one knew she WAS pregnant. That's a stunner right there.

The next startling fact, which was unknown to me until yesterday, is that 22 states have a safe haven law. This basically says you can leave an unwanted child in a police station, firehouse or hospital, no questions asked. A double-edged concept: on the one hand, we're encouraging rampant out-of-wedlock births by giving women yet another option other than raising their children, rather than promoting the concept of personal responsibility. Secondly, it's a disgusting feature of 21st century America that government has had to go to the extent of making it easier to orphan a child. Probably because we'd rather have the state take care of a child than to see news reports of dead children in dumpsters. Which, I'll admit, is a preferable state, but I have to wonder how much of that is practicality speaking and how much of it is politics.

Because at the end of the day, Baby Johnnie is political. Barely 72-hours old at this writing and he's a political football. He's a victim of the "reproductive rights" crowd, the mob that will leap to his mother's defense with all sorts of psychobable explanations of her behavior, and a pawn in the game of the government that wants you to know that they "care".

I sincerely hope that Johnnie is adopted into a good home. I sincerely hope the press will leave him alone to grow up to be a well-adjusted, happy, productive member of society. I would hate to think what happens 10 years from now when Dateline NBC insensitively decides to do a follow up on the "abandoned child" and succeds in screwing him up severely by revealing the knowledge that he was thrown away, not even wanted by his own mother. The media is really good at being insensitive, often.

For all of you who will use this to reinforce the "importance" of Roe v. Wade, I say this: this woman had access to an abortion, but didn't take that option. The "streets full of unwanted children" shtick doesn't fly -- she had that choice, and decided not to take it. Whether or not she was mentally competent to make that choice, is something for a court to decide. But it was there. I want you all to take a look at what you have wrought: a society where a woman believes she can abandon a child, do so without any legal obligations or consequences, and even WITH those safeguards, still needs to make up a ridiculous story, involve innocent people in her lie, send the police into a tizzy and stomp on the hearts of Americans. Because she was EMBARRRASSED. This is what you have forged in 40 years of politically correct bullshit: you can now throw a baby away in the worst possible way, and get pitied for it. The next Baby Johnnie story will hit the airwaves in less than 48 hours, I'll bet.

And when government agencies are full to the brim with throw-away children, then what? Will we continue to hear endless debate about women's rights? Will we have to get Congressional action of some type? Will there have to be another program or something to take care of these kids? Will we ever hear, just once, that a mother may have the right to abort her child, but that once she carries it to term, she has a responsibility?

You will never hear that word: responsibility. Responsibilities are nasty things, always something other people have. This mother had responsibilities and she didn't live up to them because we made it easy for her to not have to. We've told her "it's your body, do what you want with it" and neglected the fact that a child is involved (it's merely a ball of cells until it breathes on it's own, right?). We gave her the opportunity to just leave the child, provided it was left in a place where there was a reasonable chance that it would be cared for (hospital, police or fire station) because we could NEVER expect a woman adult enough to spread her legs to be adult enough to take the responsibility of dealing with the consequences. In the end, we get a woman who gets off (for the moment) scott free and an infant in a hospital bed surrounded by TV cameras.

This is not a recipe for a healthy society.

P.S. If I could, I will kill that bitch with my bare hands.

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