Sunday, September 11, 2005

Katrina, Part IV...The Disaster Visits the Disaster...
Word has reached me that John Kerry (Asshole-Mass.) is on his way to Louisiana to distribute food aid to the starving masses of deluded democratic voters there. Make no mistake about the blatant political opportunism.

The last thing anyone needs is politicians running around the disaster area setting up photo ops and attempting to score political points by handing out a few band aids and a box of saltines. John Kerry should stay away from Louisiana unless he has something useful to offer --- like letting some of those displaced by the storm and flood to take refuge in one of his five or so mansions.

But that would actually be expecting Kerry to have one or more of the following things:

a. Compassion
b. Common Sense
c. Taste
d. Intelligence
e. All of the Above

John Kerry, in case you didn't notice after his three day hissy fit after the election, his grandstanding in front of Congress in the anti-Vietnam war days, the doublespeak of voting for things before you vote against them, cares only for John Kerry. He neither belongs nor has anything to add by making a "listening tour" of the disaster area. In fact, if Kerry stayed home it would be addition by subtraction. The whole purpose of the exercise is to be able to say in the next round of democratic primaries "When I was in New Orleans after the flood..."

I wonder, though, if Kerry did manage to get his pasty ass into New Orleans, would he put in for another Purple Heart?

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