Friday, March 13, 2009

The Left Hand Knows Not...
Interesting article from CNSnews. com. The headline can pretty much read something like this:

President HopeandChangeYouCanBelieveIn signs law reversing the Executive Order he Signed Two Days ago.

The law in question is called the Dickey-Wicker amendment, and it basically does two things which undo the President's executive order lifting the Federal Ban on embryonic stem-cell research. First, it defines much more broadly what constitutes a human life, and second, it places restrictions on all embryos created by means other than the normal way (i.e. you can't use a cloned embryo in research), which pretty much kills embryonic stem-cell research. This is a good thing. What makes this interesting is that apparently no one knew two days ago, when President Obama signed his 'historic' executive order, that this Dickey-Wicker thing was in the Omnipork bill which just passed.

Probably because no one bothered to read that one, either. Of course, the article has a democrat in there who says "oh, why yes we absolutely knew this provision was in the bill, and besides it's old, and besides we'll get rid of it just as soon as we can", followed by a quote from a so-called republican agreeing that this provision should be reviewed or something, but one can't get past the idea that if you knew it was in there before the bill passed, why didn't the President? I mean, he looks like an idiot now having signed an order which is now negated by Congressional action, right? So, either he did what he did knowing it would all be for nought but political theatre (and I don't think the Obama people are that smart, despite what they say), or no one knew Dickey-Wicker was in that bill...because no one read the damned thing....again.

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