Sunday, March 08, 2009

Reasons Why Your President is an Asshole incapable of Leading a Three-Year Old to the Crapper...
A round up of articles as to why President Obambi is such a wreck:

1. He's tired and needs a cigarette - From the Telegraph in the UK. Please note the really special sentiment expressed by an Obamacon that Britain is no better than Zimbabwe. That's not a quote, but that's what they guy meant.

2. He's Incompetent - From Well, it's not as if we were allowed to see his resume or question him before he got elected, was it?

3. He Doesn't Give a Shit - From Commentary, the unique point of view that pretty much surmises that the man just wanted the title, but not the work.

4. He's got Personal Scores to Settle - The New York Daily news reports on an Enemies List. The man's been in office less than 50 days, and he's already become Nixon in a better suit.

5. He's too busy to govern because he's got this surrender to plan - AP says 12,000 out of Iraq by the Summer, and this Indian Newspaper says the President is already trying to work out the surrender of Afghanistan to Taliban "moderates". In my opinion, the words 'moderate' and 'Taliban' are mutually-exclusive.


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