Monday, June 29, 2009

Nothing Good Ever Comes from The East...
Via the ClosetConservative, we get this.

Sharia courts operating in England? I wonder what Orwell would have said about that?

I was reading that piece this morning, and I had one of those thoughts. You know, the kind that could get you locked up in some places, and almost always gets you that "Egads! He has three purple heads!" stare at cocktail parties. It sorta comes with being an amateur historian; every now and then a piece of historical flotsam enters your stream of consciousness and you have a minor epiphany.

About three thousand years ago at the battles of Marathon, Salamis and Thermopylae, civilized Greeks stood against the eastern slave armies of Darius' Persia (modern Iran), ensuring that Greece would remain the focal point of a nascent European cultural blossoming that would radiate outwards, sowing the seeds that would one day flower and become both the ideal and the wonder that was Rome. It survived in Constantinople when Rome fell into irreversible decay, that city and Empire serving to succor the light. The ideals and knowledge that they helped to foster would be lost, and then return to us in the form of the Renaissance and Humanism. The ancient forms of government practiced by Athens and the Delian League would ultimately serve as the model for European democracy, which in turn was the basis for American Democracy. Grecian culture is at the foundation of all that we hold good and decent.

In the years after, anything that has come out of the East (Huns, Goths, Vandals, Mamlukes, Turks, Mongols, Islam) has been nothing but trouble for the West, the true cradle of civilization (you can't claim to be the Cradle of Civilization when you mutilate a woman's vagina and wrap her up in a carpet in a sweltering desert in order to assuage your sexual insecurities). In days of yore, the Eastern hoards arrived as warriors intent upon conquest and plunder by force of arms and fear. In the old days, real men (not the metrosexual type which litter the billboards of today's Piccadilly) would stand and fight them. They would don suits of bulky metal armor, and bring their spears and swords to stand toe-to-toe with the invading hoards.

These days, the invaders are given visas and generous welfare payments in the hopes that they will keep creaky economies churning so that even-more generous welfare payments can be given to actual Europeans in perpetuity. The invaders aren't encouraged to assimilate, but then no one really wants them to despite all the usual mealy-mouthed multi-culti pieties. A unwelcome as the invaders are, they have to be mollified because a) they're needed, and b) oooops! We let too many in! Hence, allowing 'justice' to be dispensed in a religious court not exactly renown for it's concepts of fairness, or mercy.

A once-great institution, the English Court system has fallen victim to assault from the East. Just like at Constantinople's fall those in favor of Sharia besieged the system; they have consistently and persistently pecked away at the fabric of English life. They have pestered, poked and harassed, complained, resorted to the use of fear and guilt against their cultural enemies, the have sapped the will, morale and money of the British people, and then finally, England just Surrenders. The English have allowed the creation and institution of an alternate form of justice which is in no way connected to English Common Law or enforced by the State by common consent, and by virtue of lip-service to the concept of 'inclusion' elevated it to the same level as their government courts.
Henry VIII (the real Henry VIII, not the pussy one on Showtime played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers, poster child for a pussified England) would roll over in his grave. After all, one of his beefs against the Catholic Church was the unfairness and un-English-ness of Clerical Courts, and their complete severance from the English Common Law. Englishmen of the day complained (correctly) that churchmen accused of crimes escaped real justice by fleeing to Clerical Courts, which had a vested interest in protecting the accused (and those important to them) rather than dispensing justice. Henry's ideas, although they were ultimately self-serving, about changing their two-tiered system of (in-)justice did have one lasting effect for the betterment of his Kingdom; you can say whatever you want about the (sometimes) absurd nature of English Law, but the courts could always be depended upon to render a fair verdict after conducting a scrupulously-fair trail. The English people have forgotten their history, and they have forgotten what it is that their society stands for, or once stood for. They'd rather watch Top Gear and ruminate on Posh's breasts, or riot at a soccer match.

Now, if certain people of a particular murderous religion do not like the verdict of a Civil Court, one will certainly use a Sharia Court. They will certainly play the Sharia Court against the Civil Court whenever it suits their purposes, whether that's a protection for the truly guilty or to further erode English Civil Liberties and rights to degrade the culture more. And because the English authorities are afraid (and that's exactly what they are, moral and physical cowards) they will allow the further degradation of their culture and rights. Just as the French have...and the Danes...and the Dutch...and the Germans.

Where are our modern Pericles and Spartans? Where are our modern Don Juans, and Charles Martels? Hell, just gimme a Churchill! The breed seems to have died in Europe. Even in Britain. Nothing but poison or ever comes from the East; more fools the ones who drink it willingly.

UPDATE: I used to use this tagline on my FreeRepublic account (back when FreeRepublic actually believed in free speech, and wasn't simply an echo chamber for lunatics). It read "Islam, turning everything it touches to Shi'ite Since 632 A.D." It's just ruined yet one more thing, hasn't it?

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