Thursday, July 02, 2009

Trust...and Stuff...
RE: Barack Obama and promises. He has a hard time keeping them, it seems. He promises the gays he would wave his wand (his rhetorical one, not an actual one. Only fairies have magic wands, you know) and the Defense of Marriage Act would be gone, as would the military's 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy.

He promised he would not raise taxes on anyone 'making under $250,000 a year', which was so much hot air. Income taxes might not rise, but every other conceivable tax and fee will under Obama, because otherwise he can't pay for free medical insurance and college scholarships for illegal aliens, and all of his scheme for 'reparations by another name' for the Black Comm-unnn-itaayy.

That's just to begin the list of broken promises (thankfully, I'm happy he hasn't kept some of them); all the promises about ending involvement in wars? Nope. Closing Gitmo? Nope. Repairing the old alliances? Nope? 'Fixing' Health Care? Nope, more likely to break it forever.
Keeping unemployment at 8%? Laugher! "Save or create six million jobs? Only in his dreams.

Barack Obama reminds me of an old joke/proverb we used to tell around here:

See, there was this man who discovered that his house was infested with termites. So, he picked up the Yellow Pages and called the first exterminator listed there. The Exterminator arrives, gives the man's house a once over and offered him the following advice;

"If you spend one hour a day shouting at the termites at the top of your lungs, they'll go away in a week."

The Man, of course, is skeptical, but the Exterminator assures him "Trust me, I'm a professional. Here's my bill."

So,the man shouts at termites for a week. His front porch collapsed. So, he calls The Exterminator again.

The Exterminator is shocked, shocked, that screaming didn't work. So, he gets The Man's garden hose, and starts spraying the house down. He spends hours watering the house, whistling the entire time. When he's done, he assures The Man "That ought to take care of them. It'll take a week for the house to dry out, but you should not see a termite after that. I've drowned them all. Here's my bill."

A week later, a section of the roof collapses. So, The Man calls The Exterminator a third time.

The Exterminator is amazed, just absolutely flabbergasted that both shouting and watering the house have not solved the termite problem. But, he tells The Man, he has one more trick up his sleeve; The Exterminator goes to his truck, and returns with a 5-gallon can of gasoline. He begins to liberally douse The Man's front porch with gasoline, and then throws a lit match.

The House burns down. The Exterminator presents his bill.

Now, The Man is irate: "You burned my house down, you bastard!"

"Yes, I did", says The Exterminator, "but your termite problem is fixed!"

That's Barack Obama in a nutshell; He'll say anything, do anything, no matter how stupid or apparently pointless. He offers ineffective remedies for our 'problems', dissembles when they don't, can't or won't work, blaming straw men (his infamous 'some say...', 'there are those who...' speeches) for being 'selfish', 'stubborn' and 'un-American' for daring to act in their own self-interest as the 'root cause' of the failure of his policies to produce Cotton Candy and Rainbow Ponies for All... and then he sticks us with the bill.

The Chicago Street Hustler at the top of his game, he'll constantly remind you that what advocates will surely work if you just trust him (i.e. surrender your sanity and wallet). After all, he's a professional.

I'm sure that somewhere in the White House, there's a 5-gallon can of Gasoline and a box of kitchen matches.

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