Sunday, June 28, 2009

Of Feet and Mouths...
Vis-a-vis the recent brouhaha about Governor Sanford of South Carolina and his infidelities and travel habits (More on this later), it was reported, by various sources, that one Senator John Kerry (Moron-Massachusetts) is said to have lamented that it was, indeed, unfortunate that Governor Sarah Palin wasn't the one who left the country.

We're told that the good Senator was just having a jest at the Governor's expense. He meant no harm, 'twas but a jolly good ribbing, and all that, and besides, Chris Matthews found it hysterical (one can assume).

Of course, no one ever accused Sen. Kerry of having either class or intelligence. He makes this joke just a few weeks after Mrs. Palin and her daughters are slandered on the David Letterman show, and after months of democratic 'reporters' and 'bloggers' and 'operatives' and 'concerned citizens' prying into every aspect of the Palin's lives, from who is Trig's real mother to seeking the governor's, and her eldest daughters, gynecological records. They've been taking crap, especially from various vicious precincts on the left (you know, the side of the political spectrum that defends the rights of women so vociferously and diligently?), for a year already. You'd think a gentleman would let up. You'd think a gentleman who fancies himself respectable wouldn't pile on. You'd think someone who knows what it is to have his life examined in minute detail, and who also lost an election, might be somewhat more circumspect.

But John Kerry thinks he's above all that stuff, and is entitled to make jokes at other people's expense. Particularly if that person just happens to be 'on the other side'. Common courtesy and decency (you know, the kind he would most assuredly ask for himself) are out the window. So, not that the governor needs me to defend her, but allow me my shot at the good Senator. All in good fun, you know.

John Kerry is a pompous ass, who's only talent is for marrying the publicly-alcoholic widows of wealthier men (I just know from having seen it on TV, that Ter-ay-ZUH was giving a speech while hammered on the campaign trail at least once. In today's world of journalism, this constitutes 'proof'). If Sen Kerry wants to do something about it, I'll meet him in the dark alley of his choice. But because he's a gutless coward, he'll probably sic a lawyer on me, or use his office to prevent me from getting a government job. That's how punk-ass turds like him operate, isn't it?

And I'd be overjoyed if he left the country, but no one will grant him a visa on the grounds that dreary old dolts who look like Droopy Dog and who selected an even bigger slug (John Edwards) as a running mate are considered liable to lower the national IQ and pollute the atmosphere with smugness and pomposity.

So, I give a great big middle finger to John Kerry; a man so mediocre, he couldn't even beat the swaggering cowboy with no command of the English language! How does it feel to know that you lost to such a man? One that your side was quite convinced, and insistent, was a drooling dunce?
One who will go down in history as one of the greatest liberators of men. God will bless G.W. Bush; the world will soon forget John Kerry.

If I had your record, Senator Buttwipe, I'd shut the fuck up.

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