Thursday, July 09, 2009

But Only White People Can Be Racist...Rev. Al Said So...
Two Hundred NY State employees fired for being white. Being a resident of the People's Republic of New York, I can easily believe this. Race permeates everything in New York, and our black politicos are very good at screaming racism when it's partly-cloudy-with-a-chance-of showers, and recycling 1960's boilerplate about The Man, and the "lack of resources (i.e. someone else's money doled out by government) in the Black Comm-unnn-itttaay". So, I wouldn't be surprised if they did this at all. It's par for the course.

Th NY State Legislature hasn't met for a month now to conduct any public business, as there's some silliness afoot over 'leadership' with the other. Neither side could lead a three year old to the crapper, in this state. When you stop to consider what they apparently do when they're working, this might be a good thing.

It's really true: people get the government they deserve. You only have to look at New York State to see this maxim illustrated; a Mayor of NYC who thinks he has the right to overturn the will of the voters to run for a third term, a governor who's only in charge because his predecessor was an aficionado of courtesans, and who is, literally, blind to what goes on in Albany, a State Legislature that has come to a complete halt -- except to scream that they should still be getting paid -- over a power struggle about who gets to divvy up the public pie...and the citizenry is happy to have them not work at all. In fact, it hardly notices, mostly because a certain segment of the citizenry couldn't spell 'legislature' is you spotted them the first 10 letters.

Apparently, that segment of the population have all found gainful employment in Albany.

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