Thursday, July 09, 2009

Reason #3,105 Why Your President is an Asshole...
Unilateral disarmament is basically what it amounts to.

I found it rather strange that President YesWeCan can go to Russia to talk about nuclear arms, and apparently the words "Iran" and "North Korea" never even get mentioned. What DOES get mentioned is something about the United States reducing the number of it's own warheads and launchers, and oh, we'll not expand our missile defense systems, which a) work and b) are needed now that North Korea is flinging missiles around the Western Pacific.

Good 'ol Hopenchanger, in full 1970's NoNukes dudgeon, apparently has forgotten what decade he lives in. Just before his trip, someone dug up an old essay of Obambi's from his Columbia Dayz, a rambling bit of hippie-speak about the total elimination of nuclear weapons, flower power, and the healing qualities of crystals when the moon is in the fifth house of Aquarius. We can assume he still thinks this way, and that this is the cornerstone of his nuclear arms policy because he basically gave up the farm in Moscow, and got not one iota of help in the fight against proliferation, while ensuring that Europe is now naked in the shadow of Russian nuclear power.

I'm sure we'll be sold this crap as another significant step on the way to world peace, yet one more way in which the United States can improve it's world image. Like kind of crap actually matters. We live in a dangerous world, with other states who possess such weapons, many of which are hostile to us either because of who we are, or what we represent. No amount of playing nice, no amount of bribery, no amount of marketing, is ever going to change that. A deterrent is necessary to keep those people from deciding that we're a soft mark (although with Obama in charge, that's a very hard front to maintain) and doing us harm.

Even the Brits have taken notice of how Obama is rushing headlong into disarmament.If the British have noticed, you know it must be obvious.

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