Tuesday, July 07, 2009

More Palin...
You have to love National Review Online. It's definitely not the same NR that Mr. Buckley crafted (Rich Lowry somehow evokes the image of short pants and the Headmaster's Office), and that Florence King once graced,although I can never get enough Jonah Goldberg, Mark Steyn or John Derbyshire, so that it remains a guilty pleasure, if you discount much of the crap that has crept into it's pages in recent years.

But, you really have to love NR when they get naughty and post something thing like this on their website. It is a stirring defense of Sarah Palin and a perhaps more clear-headed exposition of today's 'liberals' and how they operate than anything I've seen in ages. Kudos to David Kahane!

If you don't think this is how so-called liberals really operate, one need look no further than Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune, aka Chris Matthew's Token Mouthpiece. He posted this piece of garbage in today's Trib. Whatever they're paying Clarence, I'm certain it's probably enough to just barely avoid the discrimination lawsuit, while still allowing him to pretend he's a journalist.

And here's what Maureen Dowd, the staunch feminist, Bill Clinton Alleged-Rapist Fan-Club President, and bitter sixty-year-old-teen-aged-girl, puked up earlier this week. The piece I've been railing about all week. If it doesn't fairly scream "I'm jealous! Why can't I have what Sarah Palin has? Oh, right: because I'm barely a human being and little more than a life-support system for a vagina that no one wants", I don't know what else does. Perhaps if Maureen stopped talking long enough, she might find someone drunk enough to throw her a mercy bang.

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