Thursday, November 05, 2009

Clinton-Bush Debate Cancelled...

Bill Clinton is a pussy!

Recently, there was a bunch of hype about a debate or some kind of moderated discussion event to be held in New York's Radio City Music Hall between William Jefferson Clinton and George Walker Bush. Tickets went on sale, I think, the day before yesterday, starting at something like a few thousand dollars for the good seats.

This would have been a classic. I would have loved to have seen the President who really fell asleep at the switch in the City of 9/11 have to face the President who finally did something (although nowhere near enough) about Osama Bin Laden.

Now comes word that Mr. Clinton is...ahem...pulling out...of the event, because the promoters apparently went overboard and advertised the thing in a way not to his liking. They have publicized this event as if someone is going to have to answer some questions, and in New York City, when you talk about these two it could only mean one thing; which one of you is more responsible for the death of 3,000 of our fellow citizens?

Clinton doesn't want to answer that question, because his record leading up to that disaster is already well-known; given the chance to capture or kill Bin Laden something like seven times, Clinton punted, and refused action. No need to kick that sleeping dog, is there, Billy-boy? Especially not when Hillary might want to run for President again, or maybe (God forbid!) Governor of New York, right?

So, you found a bullshit excuse to walk away from the deal.

You were a gutless piece of shit while you were in office, and you're even more so now.

GWB would have wiped the goddamned floor with you, you coward!

The New York Post has the sorry details here.

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