Monday, November 02, 2009

You're a Pansy if You're Afraid of Swine Flu...

Unless you have a reason to be afraid of it, like you're older than dirt and have a compromised respiratory system. Or if someone might find out that you're an illegal alien when you show up in the emergency room, or worse, when you show up at the local free flu-shot giveaway in numbers so large that the people who may actually need the shot aren't able to get it because you used up the supply.

I thought this was supposed to be a National Emergency? And that, by definition, a National Emergency should be oriented towards helping Nationals. However, in these parts, it's apparently not about that; it's about someone else's Nationals getting free shots and stuff because, well, we wouldn't want them to bear the stigma of being the people who probably brought the damned disease here with them, would we?

Yeah, I know; that's racist, anti-immigrant, and so forth. Now, ask me if I give a shit?

Because if were in my neck of the woods this week, and saw what I did, you might get the same ideas I did.

There's the Asian Man with the Handkerchief. I've seen this individual on the ferry for the last decade. He's the guy who walks around holding a hanky over his mouth, coughing up a storm and half a lung. I'm not kidding you; I've seen this man several hundred times over the years, and always, he walks the boat, briefcase in one hand, the other holding a handkerchief over his mouth and nose. And that hanky hand doesn't drop, either... he never uncovers his face. Ten years of coughing into a handkerchief.

Well, I think he's either had children who grew up really quickly, or his In-laws are visiting. Because this week, I've seen no fewer than four Asian People With Handkerchiefs Over Their Faces Coughing up Lungs. Guess what? When they got a few words in between rib-shaking hacks to each other, they weren't speaking in English.

Of course, I don't want to play into stereotypes of the SARS-stricken or Tubercular Asian. Why, that just wouldn't be a fair or accurate portrayal! No, I'll have to even this out somehow, so as to not embarrass Asian people and make them feel bad about themselves. Now, however shall I do that....?

Oh, right! The three or four Mexican kids I saw peeing in the street! How could I have forgotten that? Now, full disclosure: I don't know for certain that they are all Mexican. I mean, they could be Salvadoran, maybe Guatemalan, so who really knows? All I know is that these kids decided to drop their pants and take a whizz down the middle of the sidewalk, which since it was on a hillside, allowed rivulets of urine to flow with the tug of gravity. It was a game; the kids were 'racing' to see whose urine got to the bottom of the hill first. Is this unusual and disturbing behavior by Central American standards? I have no idea. But, it's not surprising that people who might come from a place that has little-to-no idea of hygiene standards and sanitation might amuse themselves in this way, unaware of how disgusting and unhealthy it is to the rest of us. Of course, I also wonder "where are you goddamned parents, and what else aren't they teaching you about civilized behavior, you slobs?"

How about the guy two days ago who decided that his idle time, waiting for the train, should be spent popping his zits in public, cleaning whatever fluids and semi-solids transferred from the broken pustules to his fingers by wiping them on the bench? How about the lady who blows her nose by pinching a nostril shut and exhaling mightily, the resulting snotrocket flying off in God-knows-what direction? Or, the folks who walk into the local store to buy candy or lottery tickets, fingers inserted into their nasal cavities, who then start touching everything in sight and laying their hands on the counter? They all pretty much look Hispanic to me.

And I've witnessed all of this behavior within the last week.

But turn on the local news around here, and invariably they lead with a fear piece on Swine Flu and free shots, and most of the faces getting those free shots aren't white, aren't elderly, aren't children. Now, I was born and raised in the Northeast where we're used to the flu. Hell, around here, you catch the flu in November and hold onto it in one lesser form or another until April. We practically live on Nyquil and chicken soup in the wintertime. Never had a flu shot in my life, and I don't intend to ever get one, either. So, I'm not complaining about not having a shot available when I need one.

I'm complaining about the absolute bullshit propaganda campaign surrounding the Swine Flu. It doesn't kill people who can afford Nyquil, get a reasonable level of nutrition, and who can afford to see a doctor at least once a year. No, this Swine Flu is a National Emergency because it's that 47/60/215/708-million (the number goes up every week, you know) uninsured people (read: Illegal Aliens) President Obambi and that Pelosi disaster are rambling on about. It's about a) scaring those people into the clinics to get the shot, and then b) giving it to them at someone else's expense, because c) they brought the damned disease across the border with them, and then spread it because they live 20 to a two-room apartment, and God forbid someone should ever point out the freakin' obvious as to the origin of this 'pandemic'!

There's a reason why diseases once thought to have been eradicated, like Tuberculosis, Measles, Mumps, Cholera, Polio and so forth, are returning to America. The new generation of immigrants are bringing them back. But instead of keeping the carriers out, we're giving them free inoculations. Yeah, this makes perfect sense...only if you're an idiot leftie!

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