Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The State of Affairs in the State of Who Cares?

Today is Election Day in New York City. If you couldn't tell before, just look to your right and see the two days of Google Ad space that our Billionaire Burghermeister obnoxiously bought, and which I was unable to turn off.

I wish I could tell you all NOT to vote for Mike Bloomberg, I know I won't. In fact, since neither major candidate in this Mayoral Election is compelling, I rather doubt I'll vote at all today. Yeah, yeah, I know; I'm shirking my civic responsibility, and all that, but in this race between Der Fuhrer and The-Other-Guy-Whatsisname-Again? doesn't exactly make you excited at the prospect of pulling the lever for anyone.

There's Bloomberg, the man who decided he could change the law to become Dictator for Life, and whose major preoccupation while in office has been my personal behavior; what I eat, what I smoke, what I throw out, where I walk, and how I do it all, has been the purview of this self-appointed nanny in a three-piece-suit. If Micheal Bloomberg had spent half as much time doing something useful, like helping to get the World Trade Center site rebuilt quickly, or perhaps lowered some taxes, that would be a reason enough to say "hmm, perhaps I'll vote for this turd."

Instead, Bloomberg has spent eight years imposing his own narrow-minded standards of personal behavior upon other people, especially smokers and the overweight. Smokers and fat folks are an endangered species in New York City, and not because their habits might eventually kill them, but because Mike Bloomberg sees them as cash cows to be milked to finance his Upper East Side vision of Manhattan as a Yuppie Paradise. A pack of cigarettes in New York City now will run $9.60 in the Outer Boroughs (you can find the $10 price tag in Manhattan). By comparison, you could buy crack for about the same price, but fewer people would tsk-tsk with disapproval if you lit that up in public. No, in that case, the City will be ready to 'help' you with a range of over-priced and ineffective social services, which might even include plane fare and moving expenses to Paris or Tokyo, just so long as your filthy crack habit is not visible to the tourists and Mike's pantywaist, yuppie friends.

Unless you're a white, English-speaking male. Then there's no city services for you, should you need them...Unless you have AIDS.

Of course, there's that other little stunt he's pulled. Remember,when Rudy Giuliani suggested that in the aftermath of 9/11 that he be allowed to temporarily remain in office after his reign as Mayor ended to better deal with the post-9/11 recovery and clean up, and Bloomberg went ballistic, even going as far as to sue Giuliani for his insolence? Well, who do you think finagled his way into running for a third term, overturning the Term Limits laws the very voters he asking for support from implemented to protect ourselves from the likes of Bloomberg. The City Council, comprised mostly of democrats who serve no purpose at all, except to hold a Council Seat as a prelude to running for Mayor, were more than happy to oblige him. After all, who wants to be Mayor of New York City in a financial crisis, potentially ruining your career as a politician? Better to let the guy who actually wants that job keep it.

The Other Guy, Bill Thompson is even worse. This is the guy who ran the old Board of Education in to a mire of tax-dollar-sucking corruption. He absolutely exudes incompetence and stupidity from every pore, and you wonder just who that guy had to blow in order to become Comptroller in the first place. HIs only message has been "I'm not Mike Bloomberg", and he's done nothing but spout typical leftist boilerplate, albeit only slightly-lesb obviously than Bloomberg does. Bloomberg talks fiscal conservatism, behavorial Calvinism, and then governs like a typical New York City liberal who's on an allowance. It's like losing your freedoms...only on a budget.

That's your choice; bad and worse. It's symptomatic of the state of play in New York City and State. We're saddled with perhaps the worst leadership class in the history of mankind. Worse than Caligula. Worse than Nero. Francisco Franco would be a breath of fresh air. Look at every major office in New York State, and you can only come to the following conclusions;

a) we're a state full of retards who vote for even bigger retards.
b) We don't give a shit.

*My apologies to retards; It was unfair to compare you to Governor Patterson or Senator Schumer.

And considering the apathy I feel about our Mayoral election today, it's probably a mixture of both. Unfortunately, in the race between bad and worse, apathy is pretty much a vote for the status quo-ante. And that makes me very angry.

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