Friday, April 30, 2010

This Is Why Europe is Screwed...

Via Ann Althouse.

The Dutch debate the merits of Free-Range-dog-walking versus Sex in a Public park.

I wonder what the law says about having sex with a leashed dog in a public park?

Seriously, people who think in this way deserve to go extinct.

When I think of all that passes for "civilization" in the Modern World, we have the Dutch engrossed in the topic of Dog Poop-vs.-Hot-and-Cold-Running-Spluge in the Public Square, and Muslims wondering if it's strictly kosher to eat a goat one has previously buggered. Societies who are obsessed with such subjects are societies which will eventually come to grief.

On the Dutch side, you have a society which is so fat, dumb and happy that it can afford to expend braincells on finding ways to make itself even dumber.

On the Muslim side, you have a society so mired in mindless superstition and taboo that you wonder if they'll ever make the Great Leap Forward into the 21st Century.

If these are the Great Debates which grip the attention of the average European, or Muslim, then we're quite possibly witnessing the beginning of the end of mankind. From Primates we came and to Primates we shall return.

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