Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Al Sharpton: Jackass...

Whenever I hear Al Sharpton refer to something in terms of "morality", I usually have to stifle the almost-uncontrollable urge to have myself a big 'ol bellylaugh.

Then I have to stifle the disturbing urge to quickly jump into the shower and scrub myself thoroughly with a Brillo pad.

Al Sharpton is one to talk about "Apartheid" since he derives his supposed-stature, infamy, political influence and living from a system of racial double standards in which the subjects of Race, Affirmative Action, the Welfare State, Educational preferences, violent crime, social disintigration and so on, are taboo for a White Guy to offer an opinion upon (doing so gets you tarred as "racist", and a picket line, if Al doesn't like your point of view), but that Al and the brain-dead, mental-plantation-latter-day-government-slave-personal-irresponsibility-is-my-birthright crowd can twist and warp those conventions in order to benefit from those double standards....usually at someone else's expense, and without regard to "fairness" or legality.

I also find it laughable that some of Sharpton's political bent (not necessarily The Rev, himself) who object to the concept of a person having to prove their immigration status after being arrested, are also some of the same people who not so long ago advocated for the creation of a National ID card system...and who have continually voted to renew the Patriot Act, and laws concerning the use of warrent-less wiretaps, and such, while cynically screaming that such things are a violation of Civil Rights.

If Bill (First Black President!) or Hillary has anything to say about this -- because you just know it's coming -- I'll probably puke, but before that happens I should certainly hope they think before they speak -- although with Bill, this is sort of like dropping someone into a room full of power tools and lumber and demanding they bake you a Red Velvet cake; It's beyond hope.

But I digress.

The reasons why Sharpton disagrees with Arizona's new immigration law have nothing to do with the defense of Civil Rights or improving the conditions of life in these United States (the Law is not aimed at individuals an dcreating a new class of criminals, so much as it is individuals who are already breaking existing Law who are the targets). Rather, his motivations revolve around keeping a law intended to prevent the abuse of the welfare system, criminal activity, enhance national security, and save valuable taxpayer money from becoming the harbinger of what he secretly dreads might happen to the carefully-constructed Racial Spoils system that depends so heavily upon voter fraud, welfare, and the ability to inflame racial hatreds and disagreements for personal gain.

In other words: He's protecting his own wallet, and the ability of a permanent underclass (it's permanent in the sense that there's too much easy money,political capital and emotion invested in it for it to be discontinued, or even changed slightly) to continue benefiting from the System as it stands now.

After all: If Whitey comes for the illegal Hispanics now, it's only a matter of time before Whitey comes for the Brothers and Welfare Queens who support you, right Al?

I'm willing to give The Rev the benefit of the doubt up to this point; if he can prove that such a law MUST lead to a violation of someones civil rights, then it's incumbent upon him to present the proof. The truth is, the law only went into affect a few days ago, and insofar as I know no one's rights have been raped by it as of this date. If Sharpton can prove a negative, then by all means, he should do so. I'll be the first to congratulate him for this amazing feat. Until then, he should probably keep his mouth shut because, otherwise, all he's doing is stirring up hatred, fear and enmity for no discernible reason....except his own enrichment.

When Al Sharpton tells the truth about Tawana Brawley, accepts his responsibility for the Freddy's Mart murders and fire, takes President Obambi (First Half-Black President!) to task for making overtly racial overtures to race-based voting blocs -- and a host of other things -- perhaps he'll have the respect and standing from which to make "moral" pronouncements.

Otherwise, it's just Al blowing a lot of hot air and guarding his rice bowl.

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