Wednesday, April 28, 2010

If This is How Eric Holder Will Prosecute Terrorists...

I wouldn't be surprised if most of them were walking the streets, just after lunchtime, on the same their trials start.

Oh, wait! I forgot; to a Libtard all Muslims are automatically innocent,and it's the presence of Rich White Men that makes people want to kill us. Why, they'd probably be free after morning coffee in that case! Anyways, read this and then wonder about what sort of resources the FBI is devoting to the problem of "domestic terrorism" (i.e. White folks getting uppity) -- and start wondering, once again, if the best and brightest are truly in charge, and really concerned with our safety and defense.

Now, I'd like to be fair to Agent Larsen, because she might be a perfectly nice lady, and I don't know her personally. But assuming that story has reasonably accurate quotes in it, and bears a decent-enough resemblance to a near-approximation of the flow of events as they happened, you have to shake your head in disbelief, and wonder if:

Agent Larsen isn't the worst FBI agent in all of America.

* Agent Larsen might have been slightly zonked on Cold Medicine, and might not really responsible for her unpreparedness.

* Agent Larsen is on the Ethereal Plane, not Planet Earth.

* Agent Larsen actually gives a shit.

* Agent Larsen might be one of those Affirmative-Action cases promoted to a grade way over head, overwhelmed by the details and procedures applicable to the preparation and presentation of evidence in a criminal proceeding.

* Agent Larsen has no real evidence against anyone.

Your guess is as good as mine.

Could it be all five? Just might. No where is it graven in stone that every FBI agent is a true professional, and that just because someone's been hauled to court that the evidence against them must be rock-solid and beyond reproach. But an even more pertinent question would be:

Might we assume that the Fed'ral Gub'mint has little-to-absolutely-no case whatsoever against the members of the Hutaree Militia, but they were arrested and charged anyway because the Obama Administration needed some White Supremacist Boogeymen to try and smear the Tea Party -- and a way to equate The Tea Party with the Jackbooted Homophobic Right-wing Christian Racist Militias they're convinced are right now plotting the assassination Barack Hussein Obama?

It's not totally unknown for the Government to drag people into courts on trumped up charges they know they can't possibly prove, just to make a political statement. If I were a judge and one of the investigating officers (that the prosecutors tried to make her unavailable as a witness speaks volumes) upon whose evidence the guilt or innocence of nine people depended upon, can't remember details of the case or seems to be off on Mars, then I'd start to wonder about the motivation behind the charges myself.

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